Neighbor Appreciation Day: Meet your West Seattle firefighting neighbors

It’s a highlight of the City of Seattle Neighbor Appreciation Day every year – open house at local fire stations. We stopped by three West Seattle stations that welcomed visitors on Saturday. At Station 37 in Sunrise Heights, we found not only Engine 37 and crew, but also members of the West Seattle See Dogs puppy-raising club, there to help their four-legged charges get acclimated to firefighters, as WSSD’s Ruth Oldham explained. That’s Corbitt the puppy with firefighter Joe Clegg, who also entranced the young humans by demonstrating equipment including a camera:

We usually see firefighters in their full gear, as they work to put out fires, treat injured/sick people, and more, so this is also a chance to meet them face to face – like Ladder 13 driver Matt Reilly:

He was on duty at Station 11 in Highland Park during the open house. Ladder 13’s been there almost two years, but isn’t expected to be there much longer, because (as per the original announcement) it was added to cover a potential response gap caused by the lack of a westbound onramp to the Spokane Street Viaduct – and the new onramp will open this summer. Once the ladder truck has departed, we’re told, Station 11 – permanent home to Engine 11 – will get some upgrades, including earthquake-safety work (explained here).

Our final stop was Station 32 in The Junction, which is on deck for a complete rebuild in the not-too-distant future (explained here):

Station 32 is home to Ladder 11, Engine 32, and Medic 32 – plus this very shiny pole:

We had just missed the big rush of visitors, the crew told us, so we took the opportunity to peer at some of the equipment:

32, 37, and 11 are three of West Seattle’s five fire stations, along with Station 29 in North Admiral and Station 36 right by the north end of Delridge Way SW (where it meets the West Seattle Bridge).

6 Replies to "Neighbor Appreciation Day: Meet your West Seattle firefighting neighbors"

  • Sonoma February 12, 2012 (1:32 am)

    Adorable puppy – and the firefighters are pretty cute, too!

  • Heather February 12, 2012 (8:33 am)

    Argh! I missed it. I have been wanting to visit the firehouse on 35th ever since they were called to my house in an emergency. They were so kind and professional I have wanted to thank them ever since. One of them even stood with me on my porch providing kind words and support as I was obviously in shock. I’ve always admired the “job” but from that day forward I have held them personally in high esteem.

  • Jennifer February 12, 2012 (9:37 am)

    That’s our little Corbett! My daughter is raising him in the Vashon Island Eye’s of the future club, and doing a pretty terrific job of it, too!

  • miws February 12, 2012 (1:13 pm)

    Heather, you could probably visit anytime, (as long as the whole Station isn’t out on a call) and perhaps even take a plate of homebaked cookies (or store bought, dumped out on a plate to appear as homebaked ;-) ).


    I’m sure they’d appreciate it, (especially if part of the crew is out on a call, and that would mean more cookies for the remaining ones at the Station!)



  • Heather February 12, 2012 (4:43 pm)

    Thank you, Mike. Who knew the old fashioned “thank you” tasty baked item was still appropriate. Looks like I will be donning an apron this week ;)

  • Ruth Oldham February 12, 2012 (8:34 pm)

    West Seattle See Dog puppies learned all about the sights and smells of a firetruck and not to be afraid of the person behind the mask and gear. All part of a future guide dog’s socialization.

    Corbett is just too darn cute! He was visiting from the Vashon Group-another part of the training process. Visit us on Facebook to see all our current puppies and follow our events.

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