West Seattle Crime Watch: Burglary victim’s reminder

It’s been quieter on the burglary front lately; we should hear the newest stats at the West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting on Tuesday. Meantime, an alert from a break-in victim near 29th and Raymond in High Point, who sent a note this afternoon:

We just filed a police report for a break-in to our garage. We had left the door unlocked because we planned to be in and out all day while we moved some things around. Around three I brought some boxes down and noticed the car doors were slightly ajar. I started looking around and found that a very old laptop and an iPod had been taken from one of the cars.

When the officer came to take our report she indicated that they had found some kids in another garage not too far away. We are now searching for serial numbers. (As I type I am on hold with Apple Support).

It is a good reminder to always keep your doors locked and to not leave valuables in your car.

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  • lookingforlogic January 15, 2012 (12:14 pm)

    This winter I have spent a fair amount of time & some money securing my house. The past 5 years working on first hill we have been experiencing increasing theft, and the theft of 2 work trucks at our house last spring has taught me that we need to prevent the opportunity to take from us. It is worth a few hundred dollars and some time versus coming home to broken, taken and inconvenienced. The methods to break in are getting more destructive as the slugcrap gets more desperate.

    We really don’t have much to take, but the feeling of chaos, anger and insecurity after the slugcrap has wrought their selfish existence in my life, I just needed to thwart their barfy actions. Thieves watch to see when we leave, so pay attention when you leave your house.

    The back door was the weakest link in our house. I reinforced the knob & deadbolt, I applied film to the back door window so that they can’t just bust it out, I have a heavy rolling tool box that I lock up against the back door when we leave (even just to go to the store). I lowered the locking mechanisms on the gates so they have to go through acrobatics to enter the yard. I’m organizing my house so that we can easily have a couple of dogs. I love dogs, but when you work alot you need at least 2 of them, and it’s extra work if your not prepared.

  • mary January 15, 2012 (1:06 pm)

    There were at least five police cars in the HP neighborhood around 3 on Saturday after the burglaries had been reported. I didn’t see anything going on around 29th & Raymond but they had three cars blocking Raymond at 34th and 32nd. The policeman I talked to said there were a couple of break-ins to garages. They had caught a couple of the kids in the act and were looking for one or two others.

    Thank you to the SPD for being responsive and professional.

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