West Seattle Crime Watch: Serial burglaries; business vandalism

Three reports in West Seattle Crime Watch tonight: Two reports of multiple burglaries in individual neighborhoods, and one report of vandalism along a block of businesses in Morgan Junction – read on:

First, Nicole from Chill Massage Therapy and Modern Apothecary on the south end of Morgan Junction reports that:

…two men (according to police), went on a bit of a vandalism spree last night and smashed every larger potted plant outside the businesses from Caffe Ladro to Chill, including Stella Ruffington’s, and according to a neighbor, they hit a nearby residential street as well.

About a mile directly south and uphill, on the southwest end of Gatewood, Katie reports:

On Northrup (between Thistle & Southern), several houses reported having young people (20’s) knocking on their door (daytime & night too). If the homeowner answers the door, the person either asks directions how to get to The Junction or says they’re having a problem with their car. If no one answers the door then they immediately go to the back of the house and gain entry. Our neighborhood watch captain has sent us 5 reports of this happening in the last month and the most recent being a few days ago, so this crew is dedicated to working this area, particularly if the street appears to be quiet with not much traffic (cul-de-sacs, etc). Several police reports have been filed but the getaway car license plates reported are always stolen, so no good leads so far. The young folks have been a woman, white male, 2 Hispanic males (I think). The latest area they have been focusing on is the cul-de-sac down on Southern in the curve on the way to Lincoln Park.

And back to the north, this is from Paul:

Just wanted to send you a note that on Sept. 28th , at least three houses were hit (including mine) between the hours of 9:30 am and 5:30 pm. My house (5000 block of 35th Ave SW right near Camp Long), my neighbor to the south, and a house one block west (36th) were broken into. Speaking for my house in particular, they broke a daylight basement window and entered. They were in the house for a long period of time having time to go through every cabinet and drawer. They seemed to be looking for things like Jewelry, cash and specific electronics. I’m reluctant to report what was stolen from my house, but I did hear from one of the officers that one neighbor had a 46″ flatscreen taken. I still have an old-tube type tv, they didn’t take that.

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  • Thistle October 2, 2011 (9:35 am)

    I am so sorry to hear about the potted plants. I really appreciate the little things that many local business do to enhance our neighborhoods (like benches, potted plants, water dishes for pets, etc… ). It takes a lot of work to run your own place so even the smallest bit of extra effort, like having to remember to water your outdoor pots, is an effort of love.

  • grrrrr! October 2, 2011 (10:11 am)

    I live in this area and this really pisses me off! I agree with keeping as much info off of here in regard to specifics to not further arm them. I think this is unfortunately going to get worse withe the times. Get an alarm and or vicious dog. Take a bite out of crime.

  • e October 2, 2011 (11:57 am)

    FYI Homes on 50 ave sw near the 3800 block had people ringing their doorbells shortly before midnight last night. Heads up everyone. Take pictures of anything that looks suspicious, AFTER you call 911 to report it, especially at night. Luckily, a lot of us are home most of the time. We can be of huge help to those that aren’t. Watch your neighbors house. If someone comes to your door that you do not know, don’t open it,get a good description, then call the police. Keep your porch and yard lights on at night, and lock all gates etc. Make them have to waste lots of time. We are watching…

  • Karen Berge October 2, 2011 (12:50 pm)

    Regarding the 3rd report from Paul, I wanted to mention that he & the others who live in this area are welcome to join our Blockwatch group. We currently cover the 5000 block of 36th & 37th, plus the west side of 35th – but also have some members from slightly outside our borders. You can email hansenviewblockwatch@comcast.net for more details.
    Also, wanted to make those of you in all WS neighborhoods aware of the West Seattle Blockwatch Captains’ Network (linked to my name). It’s a grassroots effort to strenthgen our neighborhoods and minimize crime by allowing Blockwatch Captains to share information with each other. We hope that Blockwatch Captains from all the WS neighbooods will participate & attend our meetings, but you are welcome even if you aren’t a Blockwatch Captain.

  • kay sheen October 3, 2011 (10:11 am)

    thanks for all the updates and helpful advice. And Paul, I’m so sorry to hear about your home being burglarized. That’s just awful. I’ll definitely keep my eyes peeled !

  • Paul October 4, 2011 (12:42 pm)

    Thanks for the support guys. Karen, I’ll be contacting you on this… I’m interested. My time is very limited so I’m not sure how I can help, beyond being more vigilant about what I see in the neighborhood. The problem with 35th is that it’s a major thoroughfare and it’s hard to get a feel for ‘regular’ activity on the street.

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