Followup: 1 Genesee Hill mystery solved – injured woman in street

Sunday morning, we published two reader reports of mystery incidents within a few blocks of each other on Genesee Hill. This morning, a comment from Barbara solves one of the mysteries, and we’re republishing it here since few will check back on a 4-day-old thread:

Thanks for your concern and for those who helped my mother-in-law who wandered from home and fell last Saturday evening on SW Genesee. She was once quite a walker around her neighborhood, but of course, not recently until Saturday. She was quite injured and unable to recall her name for several hours at Harborview. Eventually she managed her name and address and the family was contacted. We have been busy with her medical care and adjustments to her living situation since then so missed the Blog entries. Thanks again to all our neighbors who helped her that evening. We are thrilled that West Seattle still has such heroes.

4 Replies to "Followup: 1 Genesee Hill mystery solved - injured woman in street"

  • LAintheJunction April 21, 2011 (10:43 am)

    Thank you for the update, I live a few blocks away and saw the paramedics arrive — and have been worried about her ever since. Many prayers for your mother-in-law’s complete recovery, and blessings to the everyday heroes (my neighbors!) who saw it as it happened and came to her aid.

  • Kate K April 21, 2011 (11:34 am)

    So glad your mother-in-law is home and recovering. And thanks to the good neighbors who helped her.

  • RJB April 21, 2011 (1:02 pm)

    So scary, and I am so glad she is alright. We are dealing with the same thing with my Grandmother and it is very hard on everyone. Glad she had such great neighbors! West Seattle is pretty super cool that way.

  • Anne April 25, 2011 (1:53 pm)

    OMG I missed this on account of Easter related whatnot. SO SO SO glad to hear she’s in the care of her family, my son has been asking about her and we’ve driven by the spot several times to assure him she’s not still there. (He’s 5, lol)

    Thank you for posting.

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