West Seattle Crime Watch: Story behind smashed-up car, and more

In West Seattle Crime Watch this morning: Got two tips on the car you see at left, from Meredith (who sent the phone photo at left) and Cheryl, both wondering why a smashed-up car was just sitting alongside California SW at SW Manning (map), no police, no fire unit … The 911 log showed the crash happened around 7:30 am, and a call to the Seattle Police media unit revealed the backstory: Det. Mark Jamieson says a car hit a parked vehicle, and its driver walked away. Witnesses gave police a description, and officers arrested a suspect shortly afterward. They subsequently confirmed the car he was driving had been stolen earlier in the morning. This car (we’re not 100 percent sure whether it was the stolen car or the hit car) has been sitting alongside the road awaiting a tow truck. Meantime, two other Crime Watch reports, both involving car prowls – read on:

First, Ron in the Lowman Beach area reports a series of car break-ins/prowls in recent days – one neighbor “had her driver-side window broken and the thief took CDs,” while he adds that other cars had obviously been rummaged through and at least one other break-in. He adds:

We are piecing together the videos that show the perp and his associates, who were more or less hanging out and casing the neighborhood between around 11 p.m and 3:41 a.m. when he broke into (neighbor’s) car. We also know what kind of car the perps were driving. He had help. A female driver. … Pretty ridiculous. Big damage to car, insurance costs, and for about $10 worth of CDs. The guy clearly cased (neighbor’s) car at about 1:48 a.m. and then broke in at 3:41 a.m.

And from a West Seattleite who doesn’t want to be identified:

Someone got into my locked Civic and rifled through it last night near 28th and Webster. I think they were looking for something specifc like an iPod or GSP, because they left my cycling shoes and helmet and some other expensive but useless (to most people) stuff – which will never be left in the car again, so if the little criminals are reading this… don’t bother.

By the way, the West Seattle Crime Prevention Council isn’t meeting this month, but if you’d like to talk with local police face to face – and organizations that work on crime and safety issues in West Seattle (including the West Seattle Blockwatch Captains’ Network) – the place to be is the annual Picnic at the Precinct, coming up Saturday, August 21st, 1-4 pm, outside the Southwest Precinct, Delridge/Webster.

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  • Peter August 10, 2010 (12:39 pm)

    yeah, there seems to be an epidemic. My (unlocked) car was prowled about a week ago. Dutifully reported to police. No expectation of recovery.

  • Remember, it's summer August 10, 2010 (2:57 pm)

    Remember folks, it’s summer and bad kids are out to all hours. If you live near any park, it’s safe to say that there are kids drinking in the shadows (we all did it, no shame in that).
    Tip: Hang a note on your car saying “No Valuables, please don’t break in”, thieves won’t try.
    Other Tip: Don’t lock your car, and don’t keep anything inside it. Not easy, but a lot less annoying than a broken window. I don’t think these petty thieves are the GTA types, they seem more like pranksters out for bragging rights.

  • Dawson August 10, 2010 (8:44 pm)

    R,IS your statement is bogus. Blaming kids for this off the bat is alarmist. Having had a vehicle stolen (WSB found out somehow), the people doing this kind of thing are by in large not kids, but adults. The police have the statistics on these kind of crimes look at them sometime. Note to those out there with a hide a key on your vehicle remove it. The perps found mine and charges could not be pressed because there was no sign of damage

    • WSB August 10, 2010 (8:53 pm)

      Dawson, I suppose if I’d noticed the “kids” comment earlier I could have mentioned … while I don’t have the name of the guy who was arrested, the description (which was otherwise not relevant for me to put in the story, as he was no longer being sought) described him as between 26 and 30. Sorry about your car. We all unfortunately have some crime story to use to say we relate … mine will always be (so far) that we went on a long vacation while living in LA during my childhood and somebody stole my mom’s beloved red Triumph GT6+ out of our carport. It was found miles away, stripped and burning. 40 years ago and I still remember her pain and sadness.

  • Lucky chick August 11, 2010 (9:23 am)

    Update from me, the unidentified Civic break-in. I was wrong, they DID steal something of considerable value, I just didn’t notice until later that day when I needed it: my roof bike rack! They opened all the doors and pried off the entire thing! I am a cyclist and use it at least a few times a week. It will cost about $800 to replace. I’m quite angry about it. What are they going to do with it?? I’m guessing stupid petty criminals are not big cyclists.

  • austin August 11, 2010 (10:36 am)

    I’d be checking craigslist for that particular item if it had been stolen from my car.

  • Lucky chick August 11, 2010 (11:43 am)

    Oh, I’m checking Craigslist compulsively!

  • Lucky chick August 11, 2010 (11:50 am)

    Yesterday SPD said I’d be unable to recover my stolen bike rack unless I had a serial number. They said it would just sit in an evidence room. REALLY?? I filled out a report and could describe my rack, but they wouldn’t give it back to me?? Why bother even calling them (rhetorical, yes, I know the reasons to report, blah blah…. but I’m pissed).

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