West Seattle Teal Pumpkin Project participants

We asked who’ll be participating in the Teal Pumpkin Project by offering non-allergenic treats, and here’s who’s responded so far! If you’re in too and want to be on this list, please email us ASAP – westseattleblog@gmail.com – thank you!

19th/Austin: “We will have non-food treats available in a separate bowl from candy so the kiddos with allergies get to enjoy themselves as much as anyone else!”

2746 Belvidere Ave SW: Participating.

3050 64th Ave SW: “We will have trinkets available for any kiddos that may have food allergies or sensitivities.”

3237 47th Ave SW: “We’ll be giving out both candy and non-food treats, including glow bracelets and stickers.”

4623 SW Alaska: “We will have candy for everyone as well as non-food treats in a separate bowl for kiddos with allergies on Halloween.”

5636 47th SW: “We’ll have slap bracelets and glow rings.”

5643 47th Ave SW: “We’ll have regular candy but also separate bags of tricks (think dental hygiene) and treats (toys/pencils/etc) and candy free from the top 8 allergens.”

5656 32nd SW: “We will have some non-candy alternatives.”

5940 47th Ave SW: “We’ll have Halloween temporary tattoos.”

4116 SW Portland: “We’ll have 2 separate treat bowls for Halloween. One with a Teal Pumpkin for toys & one with candy.”

8802 9th Ave SW: “We’ll have glow stick bracelets and an option of candy or a non-food goodie bag for trick-or-treaters.”

9610 California Ave SW: “We will have 2 buckets out, candy and non-candy.”

More than 30 West Seattle entries are among those on this national map, too.