Reply To: Alki Mail thinks it’s smarter than you.



I’m seriously shocked by your reply.

Witnessing this pointed vitriol because the answer you want is not the answer of fact is disturbing. Also, I’m not Bree, but I’ve been a client for long time (and also with using SmartPost and FedEx) & wanted to help clarify things because I had similar concerns about shipping just like you did. The labels I used had indicated it’s FedEx and could go in either the USPS drop or FedEx drop since the USPS pickup person would scan it and move it over to the FedEx drop. So, again, it’s a middleman process. Also, the claim of shipping anything taking 4-6 weeks right now doesn’t make sense unless it’s maybe an international package, or a back order from Amazon (now THERE’s someone to yell at instead!). Otherwise, that claim is many steps closer to hyperbole than fact. The latest anything has been for me and my business is two weeks AND that was due to the pandemic, lack of healthy delivery staff, lack of in-house postal staff, deaths, illness, and the like. I find those to be acceptable excuses because nothing is guaranteed right now and won’t be for some time.

Now, I’m afraid you’ll just start attacking my business now, too, and I don’t even know who you are. A lot of us don’t have the independent time and wealth to be loud and angry and post about the mail in person or online.

All I can say is I feel sorry you’re so angry and hope you find relief. We have all had a terribly difficult year of loss and confusion. No one knows what someone’s tipping point will be. I know I definitely didn’t expect yours, and I am sure neither did she.

Independent businesses cannot afford to make mistakes right now and it is causing a lot of undue stress compared to when we could all give each other some leeway. Because it balances out in a more normal time. But we all need the leeway more than ever.

But, to rip down a specific person in a specific shop because of the processes of two massive companies playing middleman to each other that the small shop has zero control over is just mean-spirited.

Back when I worked in healthcare and previous to that life, television, I couldn’t please everyone. So, I would refer them to two or three other people they could go to in my skill set and see if it was a better fit.

Some people just wanted a better solution and it resolved itself.

Some just wanted someone to abuse, to blame because they were hurting or because they were just unwell or a bit of both.

My suggestion to you is there are two other FedEx dropoffs you can go in West Seattle I also often use for my escrow drop-offs. Look them up – there are two – and try them out.

I know you’ll reply at this point with another intense post and move into cutting me down next. I tried to offer an answer that was directly from FedEx’s site because you were so frustrated and I had a similar misunderstanding of the process, but also because in the spirit of Don who owned the shop, he would seek a solution and hope it helped.

Some of us just want a better solution.