WEST SEATTLE BEACHES: Here’s when to see summer’s last low-low tides

Thanks to Lynn Hall for the photo. The low tide was out to -2.4 feet at 9:15 this morning, on the way to another round of low-low tides this week. So you can plan your shore exploration, here are the dates and times:

Thursday – 10:05 am, -3.0 feet
Friday – 10:53 am, -3.3 feet
Saturday – 11:40 am, -3.2 feet
Sunday – 12:26 pm, -2.8 feet

This is low enough that the Seattle Aquarium is sending out its volunteer beach naturalists so you can get expert advice/information – they’ll be at Constellation Park (63rd/Beach Drive) and Lincoln Park (8011 Fauntleroy Way SW) beaches Friday, Saturday, and Sunday; times vary, as listed here. Wherever you go, tread lightly!

ADDED THURSDAY: The naturalists have dropped Constellation Park this time because of the sewage leak – so, just Lincoln Park on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

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