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    texting and driving with a small dog on your lap and a latte in your hand is no way to go through life, girl. blasting through the school zone at OLG at least 50mph- the lights flashed. Hope you enjoy that $189 ticket.

    –bf saw all this on 35th from the bridge to SW Kenyon this afternoon around 3:30. he took note because she almost swerved into a car in front of him. When he pulled up next to her he saw her with phone in hand, texting while holding a small, white dog on her lap – at the same time a latte in her other hand. he could not believe it. then he said she came behind him out of nowhere and was going at least 50 through the OLG school zone. he’s pretty sure she’s going to get a ticket. worst driver ever, and driving a very distinctive and recognizable vehicle. posting this in hopes she’s a teenager who doesn’t know any better and her parents hopefully see it. If she’s an adult…ugh. she should know better.



    I know something is wrong with this picture. But what is it?

    Hey . . . wait a minute! The steering wheel’s not supposed to be on that side!



    I don’t think the camera at OLG was permanent. Anyone know if it’s still there?


    Well, that sounds terrifying. I will keep my distance if I see this car on the road!



    Sounds like she must be a graduate of the Neil Sussman School of Driving:



    I swear I saw this car at TJ’s today. Is it more of a brownish yellow? It was not driven by a teenager though (adult female) and I did not see any small dogs in sight. Quite distinctive to plop eyelashes on your car like that though so I am guessing same car.



    I saw a Mini, with eyelashes a few days ago, traveling along 25th SW by Westwood Village.

    Don’t recall the color though…




    Something must be in the water this week! I’ve watch two cars almost hit another this week by swerving into the lane beside them and being generally awful drivers. SO scary.



    I know what you mean Traci… At one point this week I wondered if I was driving an obstacle course with cars coming close to sideswiping me and oncoming traffic swerving into my lane. Take it easy out there, everyone.



    i see her all the time she is a moron driver, parks sideways at roxbury safeway….apparently thinks she rules the roads!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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