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    Hi, I live in Seaview and the last week has been hell on my lungs. The amount of woodsmoke in the air at nights is just terrible–I’ve been waking up with headaches and wheezy. Does anyone have an air filter they could recommend?



    Hi there – We have a young son and recently found out he is allergic to dogs….and we have two of those as well. I researched for quite some time, and ended up buying two Winix PlasmaWave 5300 units on Amazon, one for his room and the family room. There is a distinctly noticeable difference in the air quality in the “clean” rooms vs. the remainder of the house. Plus the unit has a sensor showing you the air quality, and the main HEPA filter is good for a year (although you would need to change the charcoal filters about every 3 months, depending on the air quality).

    Overall, I am extremely happy with the purchase, and may get one or two more for other rooms in the house.



    I have 2 aierox that I keep going in my house. They were recommended by a professional environmental company when my office was contaminated with toxic mold. New they are $350 a piece and the new filters needed every year or so are about $100 I have 2 extra I would sell at a great bargain. You can contact me at activistkmw AT hotmail DOT com.

    Oh, you can go to amazon and check out the info on their site.



    Thanks for the info, folks. I’ll look at those models and compare. Birdrescuer, I may be getting in touch. Thx!

    If anyone has used a BlueAir smokestop or Austin Air models, pls let me know what you think of them. I’ve read Amazon reviews obv, but wouldn’t mind some feedback from people w/ allergies.

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