What is the update on Mijo & Chloe?

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    Have they had their surgeries?



    aaguirre2450 just posted that Chloe is doing much better. Yippee!

    I believe that Mijo has had his surgery and in on the mend, but looking at long term recovery. Yippee and Booo!

    You can put a call into AARF for further info. :)



    Luckymom30, Thank you for asking!

    Chloe’s ‘kidney numbers’ have greatly improved.It’s looking like she will not need surgery. She will need ongoing care and maintenance until her kidney numbers stabilize. This means fluids 2-3 week, special diet (which is pricey) and possibly some other items. This is really great news because when we met Chloe and her mom at South Seattle Vet, her condition was pretty grim.

    Mijo was doing very well too. Let me check on his status!

    Thanks again to everyone for caring about these two animals.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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