What did this election eally say aobut us? Did either side win?

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    Mother Jones sent a couprle of interesting articles to my mailbox today…

    this one asks the question.. was this the liberal landslide we had hoped or a case of foot in mouth disease?


    the other asks the question.. will this change Republican party tactics or will they just be more careful about what they say?


    is the real politicallesson from this election .. don’t say stupid stuff and piss people off?

    I don’t know about you.. but the democrats are still visiting my inbox asking for money…

    So even though big money didn’t create a big win..

    money still seems to be the only currency of this past election

    other than the stupid stuff Republican’s said…

    issues too a second place to campaign dollars :(

    we have our work cut out for us if we want to change the national conversation



    Being more careful on HOW they say things would help. The mistake they made was not getting in front of the Latino vote. They are, sons and daughters of people who came here to aspire, to live in fear, but raise families anyway. If those kids finished HS and were brought by parents as minors, make them citizens. They are conservative, family oriented, respect self reliance…. I am betting we can find at least more than half of the republican party.

    Yes, let’s get the conversation… is our president in negotiations with serious purpose? Or did he make his demands and walk away… we will not get a deal if the happens the second way. He made that mistake twice.. let’s see if he learned.



    Thank you, Jo.

    Thank you, kootch.

    Thoughtful comments.


    kootch, I would have to say, based on conversations with my (many) conservative family members, that a lot of Republicans really did want to torpedo the S.S. Obama before it even got out of port.

    Within days of the 2008 election, my IN box was overflowing with forwards from the cousins in Orange County. They were telling me how messed up Obamacare was, talking about the End of the World is at hand. You know the drill.

    These were people living in million dollar houses, mind. Seniors who had gotten many thousands more out of Medicare than they had EVER paid into it. And here they were telling me, a marginally employed 40-something with no insurance, that I should hate on a guy who was trying to get me a little basic healthcare coverage.

    I was like, What? Oh, no. Nuh-uh! Quit sending me all this junk.

    And then they were like, Oh yeah. Socialist in Seattle, eh?

    With my dad, too (he’s a retired doctor) it’s always “Socialism this” and “Big Government that.”

    Change the record, you guys. If you wanna talk about government waste, fine. But just remember: There are people who are really benefitting from Obamacare. Just like there are people benefitting from Medicare. If you call for cuts, make sure you spread them around as fairly as possible, and make sure everyone understands why they need to make the sacrifice you’re asking them to make.

    Thank you.

    That is all.



    Oh yeah. And get more dark-skinned people at your conventions. Or ask folks to change the contrast settings on their TVs, so the people will look darker.










    It wasn’t a landslide, but it certainly was about as close as it is ever going to be barring some drastic policy shifts by the R’s. Demographics (as we all know by now) are working against them, big time.

    I read that based on current trends even Texas will turn “blue” in 2020!





    Ummmm.. hang in there Smitty. They will overreach … they haven’t got the bill yet for all they voted for. We will end up with the Hispanic vote… look, it wasn’t earth shattering. 8 million fewer voters turned up for the Obama show than they did in 08. Texas is getting a slew of economic refugees from Calfornia and Ill. The takers slapped a 55K state income tax on the makers… watch.



    While it is true that the top 1% pays more federal taxes than the bottom 60% combined, it is also true that the top 1% makes more than the bottom 40% combined.

    That sounds more than fair to me. In fact, it seems to pamper those 1%.

    So those “makers” in the 2 to 39% range here seem to identify with those at the top of the pyramid.

    You deluded souls.



    My best hopes are saved for the Supreme Court nominees in the next four years. Scalia doesn’t look like he is that healthy. I hope for two nominees and the Dems control the Senate.



    Ruth looks like she is at the pinnacle of health. Go out there Cel@Bob…. go make some for yourself. Envying others is just so tacky. Are you watching as American business is responding? The torrents of cash heading offshore will be staggering, Tis like a bird… you will pay to woo it back. You will get some revenue .. it’s unavoidable.. but 112 billion? Ya think that does a thing? Where are the cuts? Ooops … the biggest chunk… the layoffs of government workers? Pension plans reverting to 401K.s… no more defined benefits. My oh my, silly talk that tax increases will solve overspending… the core issue. Defense spending? Nope. If you cut it in half… still isn’t enough. Democrats are going to have to go on record… and make entitlement cuts. Republican will find your 112 billion…. tax code exemptions.. then we will watch as they squirm to cut….



    Curious though DPB… smart guy that you are… when did it dawn on you you should have been preparing for your own healthcare needs? Sorta getting a late start. Smitty I got some news for you… about 38% hispanic immigrants are self identified evangelicals…. we got something to work with… and 40% self identify as Catholic.. they aren’t die hard liberals.




    On NPR yesterday… i got to hear the head of one of Germany’s regional areas point out that when your tax base shifts from manufacturing to service, revenue falls…

    hmmm.. where have i heard that before?

    if it comes out of the mouths of Germans.. those paragons of business sense according to you.. will you listen?

    The only way to change this is to go back to tax incentives that rewarded employing Americans and investing in American manufacturing.

    That kind of tax avoidance has benefits for the American economy.



    I didn’t say there were the paragon.. I pointed out facts. They have trade surpluses with China, the USA.. because they have better production. You are about to drop a 1.6 trillion dollar tax burden on American business. That’s your incentive. Tax your way to prosperity. How progressive. That’s what Spain, Greece, Italy did… see how well that is working? Here’s exactly what will reward employing Americans… ready?… let those who invest in American workers keep their wealth. Those companies… who choose to stay, allow them to have maximum profits. What tax incentives did democrats ever give American business to stay put? They have an ear for the clink of someone elses coins.


    Genesee Hill

    All I know is President Obama has four more years and Mitt Romney is still trying to figure out what the heck happened to his joke of a campaign.



    You speak of Spain and Greece like they have anything to do with the US and it’s specific current situation. Their economies are drastically different than ours. They are also coming from a different starting point than us as well. I understand why pointing to countries who have gone too far for far too long is a tempting way to win an argument, but the fact is it’s a false analogy. Life and economics don’t have to be an all or nothing scenario. A country can accept that needing to fund a growing dependent populace requires higher revenue streams. That doesn’t mean they are going full-tilt Socialist.




    “You are about to drop a 1.6 trillion dollar tax burden on American business.”

    where, pray tell, do you get this crap?




    The President.



    Pollyanna? is that you? Spain and Greece are resourceless.. the capital markets long ago fled. They lived on deficits. Their austerity didn’t come from lack of revenue… it came from overspending. When overtaxed.. capital and industry fled.



    Re: #9

    Well, Kootch, come August I will officially “retire” with a few scams in mind to supplement our income and keep us out of a cardboard box. I won’t be making any attempts at real wealth, just steady state. You know, conservative.

    But, since you and Mitt are, from how you present yourself, clearly at the top of the ladder, why don’t you take up the mantle. You have the campaign pretty well memorized, it seems.

    Stop wasting your talent on WSB. Go out and sell it to the nation.




    “Go out and sell it to the nation.”

    they tried that. The nation looked into their hearts and their pocketbooks and said no.



    Kootch, my advice is similar to @bob but for a different reason.

    Quit wasting your time trying to teach college-level courses on economics and business to those in the audience that are more interested in finger-painting and recess.

    Let them emote for a while and we will come back occasionally to check on whether reality is setting in or not.




    “Quit wasting your time trying to teach college-level courses on economics and business to those in the audience that are more interested in finger-painting and recess.”

    at least you insult was well written,

    if not grounded in actual fact.

    has it occurred to you yet that your financial education may not have been all you think it was cracked up to be?

    Or do you dismiss the total failure of the economic theories you were taught as simply an aberration?

    When everything is rolling along on greased tracks quoting established theory sounds reasonable…

    but when the whole thing comes off the rails… those who can actually think and create solutions are easily distinguished from those who will fight to the death to put the economic engine back on the tracks without fixing what derailed it in the first place.

    Be a thinker. The current economic model isn’t just failing in the United States, it is failing world wide.

    Those who can adapt and alter their course will end up on top in the coming economic shuffle.

    those who can’t will emote.

    that’s reality



    JoB, your philosophy courses, whatever you said in the post above, was worth every penny!

    I think I’ll take my own advice and let you enjoy finger-painting without any interruptions from me.



    Mini-kootch thinks he said something funny.



    Dobro, I’ll let you and JoB get back to your dueling banjos of wisdom show. (yes i know that’s not a banjo in your picture.)

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