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    Hello West Seattleites, I’m new to the area and I am wondering if I have any options to get to and from Seattle University other than 2-3 buses spanning an hour? My new pad is in the Admiral District. Thank you!



    I work on Cap Hill just north of SU and I have not found that many great options for riding the bus. Here are my usual routes (I live in Gatewood, WS):

    #21x to #2 that heads up Seneca/Union

    #21x to #12 that heads up Madison

    #21x to #3 that heads up Jefferson

    Each of these can take up to an hour depending on time you leave, walk between buses and transfer to second bus time. Basically, it sucks.

    When the First Hill Streetcar is done next year or early 2015 there will be this additional option, but it isn’t great for W Seattle, because it connects to King Street Light Rail Station, which is a walk or a bus ride from where the express WS buses drop downtown. So, you would take more time getting to the streetcar than the faster ride is worth. Better just trudging up the Hill on the 12 or 2/3. In the summer, sometimes the walk up to SU from downtown takes me just as long as the bus, hah!



    Yeah, I had major problems busing to Seattle U back in my day. It’s strange that it’s such a blind spot!



    Thank you so much! This is really helpful. I am hoping that the rest of West Seattle living makes up for my commute!


    It’s not a bad bike ride from admiral.. Low bridge to marginal, up Jackson to 12th. SU isn’t too much further. Should be around a half hour to forty minutes depending on your starting point.



    I used to ride and it was about 45 min from where I am at in gatewood. I think beig in admiral would shave 10 min off the commute although coming home would be no fun! But you know, riding is hard in this weather!!!



    It’s maybe 7 miles – probably about half an hour with decent climbs on each end:




    I am hoping that the rest of West Seattle living makes up for my commute!

    It will! :-)

    And welcome to West Seattle!


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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