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    All of our West Seattle weather is reported from “West Seattle (Two Dogs Observatory), Seattle, WA”. Does anyone know where the heck this actually is in W. Seattle and why it’s called that?



    Here’s a link to a map of local weather stations. The green dot in the north Admiral/Alki area is Two Dogs. Have no idea why it’s called that. They are usually private/personal wx stations, so the owner possibly has…yep…two dogs :) Maybe they’ll see this and explain :) I zoomed in for a close up look on the map, and it looks like it’s somewhere around Ferry Ave. between 41st and 42nd SW.






    Dear Two Dogs Observatory Followers,

    We have finally just realized the popularity and importance of our weather station for our fellow community members of West Seattle and perhaps beyond. We are thrilled that we can assist all of you in planning your weekend, weekday, social and yard work days. Now that we now how important our data is for all of you we promise to do even better in making sure our weather station is rarely compromised.

    Many of you have already deduced the “Two Dogs Observatory” name comes from yes…two dogs. Sadie and Jake are the perpetrators. Sadie is 15 years old and full of sass- much like the biting Northern winds that sweep across our beautiful Alki beach swirling up into our quiet neighborhoods. Jake is 13.5 years of age and likened to the unrelenting Pineapple Express. He never gives up playing ball even now as he battles cancer and the nasty effects of chemotherapy.

    Lastly, there’s the weather man himself who created the observatory website as a means of keeping track of the blessed galaxy above us. He is a backyard astronomer obsessed with weather as every moment there is a clear sky means one moment more of peaking into the galaxies afar from his high-powered telescope.

    And with that last thought, once we have figured out how to post pictures we will share the amazing pictures he takes of our favorite neighboring planets, exploding stars and distant galaxies.

    Thank you again for enjoying the findings of the Two Dogs Observatory! We will continue to be of service to you all.

    Have a beautiful night in the clear skies!

    Sadie and Jake


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    twodogs, thanks for adding the sunrise and sunset information to your site. My cat is an avid follower now, as he gets outside only while the sun is up.




    thanks for keeping your eye to the sky for us




    Dear Two Dogs followers,

    An update… We have had to relocate our weather station to the roof of our home to ensure no interruption from shade, trees etc. we apologize for the interruption. All should be well ahead foregoing.

    Second, our 2 dogs is now one in spirit. Our beloved Jake, with all of his strength and tenacity, was finally overwhelmed by the cancer the end of February. His passing was peaceful and as he would intend, his body finally decided it had expired as we held his body in our arms.

    Sadie continues to be full of sass and has found a 9th life. Encroaching upon 16 yrs. and she does prove to defy the laws of aging.

    I know I promised pictures of the amazing pictures the astronomer takes from his telescope; however, as we were caring for Jake’s last days the telescope also became disabled. All is fixed and as soon as the “shorter” days with more dark skies return I intend to share those amazing pictures.

    We hope you are all enjoying what has proven thus far to be a lovely and warm spring. Fortuitously, what looks to be a warm summer as well.

    All the best to you all and happy star watching this summer!


    Two Dogs Observatory



    Dear Two Dogs,

    I am so sorry for the loss of Jake. Dogs are pretty awesome creatures that we get to share our lives with. I find that when I am gazing at the heaven, I feel like those spirits that have passed watch over us.

    Thanks for the weather and heaven monitoring that you do!




    When I read the reply to the original post about your two dogs and the star gazing, I immediately thought of Canis Major and Minor. I bet that is where Jake is waiting patiently.

    Sorry for your loss.


    Ms. Sparkles

    Sorry for your loss Two Dogs.



    you will always have your two dogs with you..

    even when others would tell you they have been replaced..

    i know i do.



    Dear Twodogs:

    First, thanks for hosting the weather station at your place. I’ve been accessing it for years since I am at a similar elevation and subject to the same north wind. I am sorry for your loss — it is obvious that both dogs were important as they are the inspiration for the weather station.

    Please carry on, and I hope for the astronomical pix.



    Dear Two Dogs Weather followers,

    Thank you all for your kind thoughts and sympathies. We were overwhelmed by all of the thoughtful words and truly appreciated your replies. I haven’t figured out how to post a picture!! Any of you tech savvy, could you provide a quick “how to”? Much appreciated… again.

    We hope hope you have all been enjoying this amazing summer. Telescope starts up again in 2 weeks.

    All the best,

    Two Dogs

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