wanted: coffee pot, shrink wrap and garbage can to buy

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    I am in need of a small 2-4 cup coffee pot for a reasonable price

    I am also wondering if anyone has any extra of that shrink wrap used to winterize houses.

    I am also in need of two sets of bedroom curtains and rods for a reasonable price, preferably in a soft or neutral color. One set 6×6 or 7×7. The other is for a sliding door 7 ft high x 6 feet.

    Thanks all I love the blog

    this is unlikely but does anyone have an extra regulation size trash or recycling garbage can – those bloody things are expensive.



    They are free with the service. Just call the city and ask them to deliver one.


    2 Much Whine

    This post would be far more intriguing if it had one more itty bitty comma. “Wanted coffee, pot, shrink wrap and garbage can to buy” is so much more mysterious.



    still intriguing..

    wren.. did you find what you needed?




    I might have some curtains that fit the bill. I need to see if I still have them though. Unfortunately, I recently gave away our extra curtain rods. I will check when I get home and let you know. If i still have them one is a set of brown and the other an olive green. Fairly neutral.



    Wren – I have had great luck in finding both things like little used coffee pots and curtains down at the Goodwill in Burien. Probably only a couple dollars for either item.



    Hi all

    I am glad my eclectic posting caused amusement for a few or yours.

    I did find my portable heater.

    Semele wrote that she might have curtains but I haven’t heard back yet

    Thrift shops are good for many things, but I havent had any luck finding a coffee pot there.

    I guess the garbage can request was a little confusing. We have two garage cans in reasonably good shape. We have only 1 large green recycling

    been. I have spoken to my landlord about it a number of times and he seems to be under the impression that we need to buy any others.

    Thanks all! Wren



    We are having a basement sale. There are 3 coffee pots one Cuisinart $20, 2 have not been used ($10 EA)…but they are 10 cup pots but very reasonable priced. Also have some curtains that could work on your sliders. They are shades of green and beige stripes in very neutral, take $15.00. Address 8841 38th Ave SW.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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