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    Looking for walnuts in hulls for dyeing silk and wool.



    Do you mean like black walnuts that have just fallen from the tree with the green covering still? My neighbor has a tree like that and I bet he would be willing to part with them as they fall into his yard if that is what you are looking for.


    Thank you. How do I get ahold of your neighbor? I’m glad to pick them up.



    I will check with them. How much do you need?

    I would also totally be interested in your dyeing process, as I am also a textile artist.


    Glad to share the process with you. Could do it at my place when I get the brew going. I’d like as many as I can have.



    We have a walnut tree but they’re done. If you’re interested in them next year, email me at ghar72@gmail.com. The squirrels love them and the tree hangs over our driveway…messy cars come August and Sept. So we’d actually be quite grateful if you could use them!


    I am looking for windfall so if by chance you still have some on the ground that would be perfect!



    Have a bunch here for you.

    dank7ss@gmail dot com



    We had 140 black walnut trees on our upstate NY property. As I recall it.. the green hulls were left on the ground to attract maggots. We racked them in piles to decompose the odor attracted the flies. The larvae digested the hull until it became dark and gooey and funky…. then it was ready to use as a stain. We sold them to textile and wood artisans in Woodstock. The deep funky color required the maggots though. We used the crushed shells as an abrasive for furniture refinishing. Never used the nut meat. (Wish I had that old property back… our barns were made with black walnut beams and posts and the stable boxes and floors were all 2″ thick plank! $$$$ !)



    I’m in Wallingford, but I’m looking at removing the hulls from and cracking the shells of a number of black walnuts in the neighborhood for the nut meats. So – if you need more hulls, you are welcome to what we generate. I’m trying to nail down the best process for cracking the shells – not easy.


    I would love more hulls, let me know when and where and will be glad to pick them up. Can’t have too many for dyeing fabric. Big Thanks.



    I husked a bunch yesterday which are in my neighbor’s small (clean) yard waste container. I will probably be doing more this week or next. Email me and let’s discuss pickup options: barb@raaen.com

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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