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    So I can’t be the only one without cable tv in West Seattle. Is there anyone who has had moderate success pulling in the channels that we used to get before the analog signals went away? I have a new tv and a loaner antenna thing but can only seem to get those damn religious channels. i’m not asking for much – just the channels that i used to get (4, 5, 7. 9, 11, 13). Is there a secret? Even when i had an old arial antenna attached to the chimney i wasn’t able to get those channels, even with the digital converter box. any suggestions?

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    Hello…nope…not the only one…but close

    I purchased digital rabbit ears from Home Depot for $20. Hooks directly to the cable connection of the tv

    I get all those local channels as digital capture on a 4 year old flat screen.

    No more stupid cable bills! Just Netflix streaming for $7.99…

    Cheapest Comcast is like $17.99 now.

    Never had Dish…so I don’t know their rates.



    where are you on the back side of west Seattle?



    We just turned off our cable (see ya Comcast!) and got rabbit ears for our flat screen (3 years old). We bought them from Radio Shack, the budget RS brand for $15. Get all the basic channels and then some. We live in Highland Park, between two low hills on Thistle. We don’t use a converter box or anything special, just plugged it in to the cable connection on our TV. I know on our TV there are two options under menu, for either cable or antenna. Assuming you’ve had the TV scan for channels and all. I went to the RS at Westwood and the guy was really helpful. He told me that he uses a higher end antenna and has to have it in the window to get reception. He said it just depends on the direction your house faces. Not sure how true, but we’ve been happy with the lower end antenna (our house faces north, BTW). And you can return it within 30 days if it doesn’t work.



    ghar72 hit the nail on the head! Remember to have your SETUP do the Channel Scan for available signals!

    It should not take more than 3-5 minutes



    I’m using an old-school rooftop antenna. I get all local channels, depending on the weather – ch 5 is a little sketchy if it is windy/rainy. But then I just plug the old rabbit ears back in (the kind that also have a knob that you can click around to try and improve reception)and I’m able to adjust enough to get a pretty good signal. I also do a rescan of channels every so often. For a while I had a channel out of Bellingham that I liked but it went away. I keep trying to get it back!



    i’m in Seaview and the antenna is a the window that faces West (my only option). i did the tv scan thing with the setting on “air” and it picked up twelve stations but none of them are worth watching. i think ideally i would want the antenna to face north but i can’t make that happen. i wondered if having a house that is lath and plaster might keep me from receiving a decent signal as the whole house is kind of like a faraday cage. perhaps it is meant to be that i only watch netflix;)



    do you have cable running to the house? sometimes it can be used as a poor-man’s antenna.

    if you do, you should plug it in, run the channel scan, and have a look-see. try both cable and air options on the channel scan.



    We turned off our cable too and don’t regret it. It was getting much too expensive and the kids watching too much tv. We just have Netflix now. I can’t get any reception here. (Fauntlee Hills) We never have gotten anything without cable here. I might look into the digital rabbit ears someone recommended.



    B-squared, Another option if you can’t get an antenna to work is subscribing to Hulu Plus. We stream it through a roku player and can watch most shows. We loved our DVR and it was hard to give it up, but Hulu has been a good substitute, especially for the those shows that are on later at night. They don’t seem to carry any CBS shows though. There are probably other “channels” you can get on Roku that do have CBS, but I haven’t found them yet. Our subscription to Hulu Plus is about $8/month. You can purchase Roku players for about $50 and up.



    Thanks for all the suggestions:) I will try running the straight internet cable option to see if i can pick up anything. Perhaps move the indoor aerial around some more. Not opposed to getting some RS rabbit ears if i can return them if they don’t work. Also will look into to Hulu. there are so many options that come up when i flip on the BR player and so far have only used netflix and pandora. Trying not to get roped in to any more subscriptions but $8 isn’t bad if there is stuff there worth seeing. Hoping to be able to watch an occasional seahawks game.



    About 99% of the game is where you’re located. If you’re below the High Point hill,down one of the slopes in Fauntleroy or along Alki you’re mostly out of luck with rabbit ears.

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