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    We are looking for recommendations for some professionals to trim some trees in our yard. We don’t want overpriced-take-advantage-of-crazy growth. We don’t want someone to top our trees, we don’t want someone who suggests that we go crazy and reduce by more than half so we can take advantage of that far off view of Mt. Rainier.

    One of the main qualities of our yard is it’s trees and we love them. Many are getting older, and somewhat overgrown as we’ve allowed life, kids, insane schedules and lack of knowledge take over. But now that fall is on it’s way, we’d ideally like to find someone who loves trees and is willing to help us take control at a very reasonable price.

    No thanks on Ken’s Yard Service who quoted through the roof and suggested that we clear for the view, ideally prefer someone who is a small run business or working for themselves that we would pay directly vs. high prices that don’t trickle down to the folks they hire. I know I’m asking a lot since the economy we are in demands that the places thrive. But we truly want an honest person who loves trees & can make ours healthy and under control. Would love any recommendations of good, personable experiences.




    Hands down, Michael Oxman, Licensed Arborist. West Seattleite. Heck of a nice guy, kind of a character, really knows his stuff. He did great work for us recently and we enjoyed him (and his son, who often works with him) very much. 206.949.8733.



    You need a certified arborist for this work, not a yard service. Michael Oxman is great, so is Grun Tree Service. You get what you pay for, but both of these guys are reasonably priced given the excellent work they do.


    The Velvet Bulldog

    What anonyme said! Also: Apical Tree Services. Roger Brown is my go-to Arborist. (206) 679-8253



    NW Insured Tree Service 206-284-5930. My mother used for years and I use them now. Great work, nice folks.



    Zeb Haney, Treesource

    Zeb trimmed 5 overgrown trees for me this year and did a great job at a reasonable price. He’s a certified arborist and really knows how to shape trees so they grow naturally. He trimmed a huge maple 5 or 6 years ago that was hanging over the building and it has continued to grow naturally and with a beautiful shape.



    I second Apical. After trying a number of services in my yard with many trees, Roger gave me the most reasonable price. He’s a certified arborist. He’s good at taking off the overgrowth, but leaving the tree or bush looking entirely natural. No stubs or rough edges. He also gives advice. He seems to really like trees.



    Danny is a local, lifetime resident of West Seattle. Hes been landscaping and caring for trees and yards for 30 years.
    Give him a text or call, he can come take a look, see if he can help!
    206 453 9006



    Michael Oxman…. enuf said



    Hi everyone-

    It took a long time (because of the season and the cost – the main tree was an expensive undertaking – a 90 year old corkscrew willow) we ended up hiring Michael Oxman.

    He was great- no pressure to rack up more work – which our yard can surely use, and must look like a goldmine to any arborist/landscaper- but we can’t afford. No pressure to start right away, no criticism for our lack of maintenance – and most important – he truly understands trees. He explained when the best time was to trim and why. He and his crew showed up in not just pouring, but driving rain, climbed up and into the tree in a way that was magical and were happy to be there.

    And now, our tree looks like it can breathe again. Our neighbors (and we) are no longer worried about the safety hazards of the way too high branches hanging dangerously close to the power lines, our yard is no longer littered with dead twigs and small branches that used to drop by the dozens, and in general the tree looks healthy.

    Thanks to everyone for the referrals. It is great to get advice from experience, and especially to support local. Michael and his crew, which included his son, were grateful for our business. As dense as Seattle is getting, good customer service and a happy, friendly face get lost in the rush of services offered. It’s tough to find a good one and I appreciate the recommendations and the blog for making it happen.

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