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    I am wondering if any current parents at Thurgood Marshall would be willing to share their experience with the APP Program. Do you find the program and the teaching to be enriched (hands-on projects, exploratory learning) or simply accelerated? Does the program nurture curiosity in your child? Thanks for your input!



    I have a child who’s new to APP this year. The answer for me is a little complicated. It’s both positive enough and certainly not what I would consider ideal. I have not seen the level of richness that I would like in regular classroom work–not project centered, not exploratory, not particularly nurturing of creativity or curiosity. My daughter describes her teacher as “obsessed with children staying quiet.” The math curriculum is used straight, but it is much better than EDM. My daughter is primarily creative, and I don’t see that being fostered and developed in her. Homework is mostly math worksheets. At the same time, coming from the school we did, we would make the same decision again, because the level of challenge keeps her pretty much engaged and the social connections are pretty stellar. On the better side, the science is hands on and enriched some (I think), but based in the kits used across the district. They have art, music, and now some drama, which is very rare. Our experience is limited, and other classrooms may be entirely different.



    My daughter is at Marshall this year for 3rd grade. We love it. It took a little while to get caught up to the APP level, but the staff at Marshall is very in tune to child’s level and making them feel comfortable while nudging them twords the level they need to catch up with.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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