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    for anonyme

    The story thus far:

    ► Retarded (er . . . I mean “retired”) baseball star builds million-dollar-view house in sightline of neighbor’s beautiful tall tree.

    ► Baseball star realizes his mistake and asks neighbor (nicely of course) to cut down tree because it’s blocking baseball star’s million-dollar view.

    ► Neighbor demurs, saying that the tree was there first. And besides that, trees are kinda nice.

    ► Baseball star asks again, this time not so nicely.

    ► Once again, neighbor declines to cut.

    ► Baseball star appeals to local government, asking them to FORCE neighbor to cut down tree. Quotes Bible in support of his case against the tree.

    ► Other neighbors pig pile on tree lover, calling him selfish and a bad Christian.

    ► Board of Adjustment considers case, says it needs until November to mull it over.


    As for me, I don’t need no three months to figure out the rights and wrongs on this one. And I don’t need to consult no Bible, neither.

    However, I do have one question for the city officials:

    Whatchall smoking over there in Clyde Hill?

    Wood chips?



    First world problems of the ridiculous sort. What a waste of time and money. What a “privileged”, holier than thou attitude !



    Yeah, and this neighbor let the Oleruds stay in his home, while the O’s own home, that is suddenly blocked by a 50 year old tree, was being built.



    2 Much Whine

    Apparently God likes views over trees. . . .



    This one baffles me. Seriously, you will not find a kinder, gentler more honest person than John Olerud. He is not your typical major league jerk. This guy makes Mr Rogers look like a rebel. That doesn’t make him right, but something is missing from this story – it just has to be. I can’t imagine him building without at least a “wink and a nod” that the tree would come down – but if he did? Shame on him.



    >>something is missing from this story – it just has to be.

    It’s the wood smoke, I’m tellin’ ya. Stuff’s got all kinds of pscyhoactive chemicals in it.



    I understand both sides of the argument. What I don’t understand was the lack of forethought? He LIVED on the property with the tree!! While he was building his CUSTOM home. If you know, with absolute certainty, that there is big, humongous, view obstructing tree (of the view you want to see) on the neighboring property . .. wouldn’t you have addressed it earlier? Like immediately? Before you made your decisions?

    There has got to be more to the story. There usually is.



    Well, there may indeed be more to this story, but as far as I’m concerned the most telling part is already in there. It’s the part about how Olerud is trying to guilt-trip this guy into cutting his tree down. And who’s he citing as an authority?

    Jesus Christ!

    No, I’m not swearing, people. “Jesus Christ” is the correct answer.

    Olerud’s words:

    I’m just making the point that if you’re willing to cut down your own trees to maintain your view and yet you aren’t willing to offer that to your neighbor, how is that being a good neighbor?

    “The Bible says, ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and strength, and your neighbor as yourself.’ That’s Jesus’ commandment.”

    Boy that’s really the topper. Isn’t that just the angel on top of this Christ-mas tree of a story?

    How this Olerud dude could call himself a Christian out of one side of his mouth and say something like that out the other is beyond me.

    Jesus was all about loving your neighbor, see? So that’s why YOU should cut down YOUR tree to enhance the view from MY mansion. Yup. That’s what Jesus would want YOU to do, neighbor. I’m sure of it.

    Excuse me Mr. Olerud . . . Do they have Cocoa Puffs on Planet Cuckoo? ‘Cuz you’re gonna need ’em.

    How could a person possibly twist Jesus’ words so much without having them snap back in his own face?

    This is why I’ll never be a Christian, folks. It’s not that I don’t want to be a good person and do right by God and all that. I do. I just can’t bring myself to subscribe to any theology where people can interpret it the way John Olerud does while keeping a straight face.

    And he’s not alone on Planet Cuckoo, either. Look at what that other fool-headed woman said.

    Just look!

    Nancy Dammkoehler, a neighbor who spoke at the hearing, said the Oleruds are reasonable people and scolded Baker: “All they want is to see the top of the Space Needle. If you can’t figure this out, boy, I tell you, you’d better find a different line of work, buddy, because you’re not very Christian.”

    This lady must be another fat-cat “Christian” as well, though what good it’s doing her troubled soul, I couldn’t say.


    Think about this a second.

    Cogitate on it.

    John Olerud

    ► College Baseball Hall of Famer

    ► $20 million contract with the Mariners

    ► Wife and kids, the whole nine yards

    ► Still loved by millions, he retires after 17 seasons and builds himself a mansion in a uber-swanky enclave of an already swanky suburb

    But our hero’s still not happy. No. Something’s troubling him over there in Clyde Hill.

    Who could it be, John? Who’s wrecking your early retirement?

    Let’s see. You’re a Christian, right? Maybe you’re upset about all the havoc Satan is doing in the world.

    –Nope. Not Satan.

    Um. I know! Is it that socialist in the White House?

    –What, the dude from Kenya? Nope. Not him either.


    [ . . . ]  

    Is it . . . DBP?

    –Look, I just told you it wasn’t Satan! Weren’t you listening?

    Well, who is it then, John? For God’s sake . . tell us!

    I’ll tell ya who it is. It’s that bastard across the street who won’t cut his tree down so I can see the Space Needle!





    I think Rev. Baker should hang a giant cross in his tree.



    Rule #1 – Don’t believe everything you read in the newspapers :-)



    Ok…so…none of the story is true…of course not…how could something so mind boggling stupid even by today’s standard be true…

    DBP…take it all back…

    Seattle Times…Print a Retraction…or get ready for a libel suit of biblical proportions…




    I’d rather look at a tree than at the Space Needle, myself.

    I mean, there’s nothing wrong with the Space Needle.

    But I like trees.



    The tree IS the view.



    My thoughts exactly, Kbear!! Even if there is more to the story, it doesn’t change the basic message of cutting a tree down for a view. selfish. sad. especially given that the parties have the means to move/build where the view is already present.



    In all reality we have plenty of trees. They are not an endangered lot – especially in this area.

    I wonder if their house is built out of a tree? If there house is made from a tree is that considered selfish as well?

    That said, they should have built elsewhere – unless there is more to the story.



    true…trees are plentiful…that’s why we love it here in the great Pacific Northwest :)




    For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

    –Mark 8:36

    This Bible verse comes from a passage where Jesus is preaching to the people of Caesarea, and at this point in the story he begins making some explicit predictions about his suffering and death at the hands of men.

    Whereupon Peter (typically) takes him aside and scolds him:

    Whatchoo talkin’ that stuff fuh, Master? Dontchoo wanna live, same as everyone else?.

    And Jesus rebukes him, ironically, saying,

    Who do you think you’re talking to, Satan? Did you really believe I wanted to stay in this cesspit forever?

    And then he drops the irony and reminds Peter of what he (Peter) is supposed to be doing there.

    “For whoever is ashamed of Me and My words in this adulterous and sinful generation, of him the Son of Man also will be ashamed when He comes in the glory of His Father with the holy angels.”



    John Olerud is the disciple Peter in this story.

    In other words, he is a man who claims to be “with the program” yet who often needs to be reminded of just what the program is.

    Now don’t misundertake me here: Olerud hasn’t lost his soul. But he’s gettin’ there, by crackey. He’s gettin’ there.

    And that’s just the thing about losing one’s soul, see? It doesn’t happen overnight, like one morning you wake up without it and you’re looking all around, remembering that you had it on the day before. And you yell downstairs to your wife: Honey! Have you seen my soul?

    [It’s right there in the hamper, dear!]


    Trust me on this, folks. Losing one’s soul is a process that happens slowly, by imperceptible degrees. Like the proverbial frog in the soup pot.

    Sure, there’s stuff that can turn up the heat a little quicker. Money, power, fame . . . All that ego-stroking swag that Olerud’s got. But as it happens, the poor and obscure lose their souls at exactly the same rate as the rich and famous. So what gives? There must be more to it than just having a lot of STUFF.

    And speaking of moretoits, that’s a theme that seems to be popping repeatedly here. As in . . . “John’s a good guy. There’s gotta be a moretoit here somewhere.”

    Well, there is a moretoit, actually. And you’ll be happy to know that I’ve figured out exactly what it is.

    Would you like me to tell you?

    Sorry . . .

    I will tell you this much, though. This thing with the tree isn’t the first step John Olerud’s taken off the Path which is straight and narrow.

    Probably won’t be the last neither.




    You try to be cynical but it’s hard to keep up.  –Lily Tomlin

    Well it looks like our ole friend John “Rude Johnny” Olerud prevailed with the Clyde Hill Board of Adjustment.

    (Board of Maladjustment, more like.)

    Turns out Olerud will be allowed to FORCE his neighbor to remove two huge old trees in order to improve his own view of the Seattle skyline.

    The Clyde Hill Board of Adjustment ruled Wednesday night that Olerud’s neighbor to the west must remove two trees because they unreasonably obstruct Olerud’s view of Lake Washington and the Seattle skyline.

    The board’s 3-2 order is the first time the city has told a resident to cut down a tree under a 1991 “view obstruction and tree removal” ordinance.


    An appraiser hired by John and Kelly Olerud said their $4 million home would be worth $255,000 more if the rare Chinese pine and the Colorado spruce across the street were cut down and replaced with smaller plants.







    Smokey the Bear sez:


        Only YOU can prevent view obstruction!



    The positive side to this story is now people in Seattle can have a clear view of John’s house.



    What a crock!!! the tree was there when he built the house. loser.

    The only reasonable solution i think is that they move the tree.



    >>The only reasonable solution i think is that they move the tree.

    –Or move John Olerud.

    His house can stay.


    I Wonder

    What got the bug up your knickers about John Olerud? Thats a little creepy. And since when was it cool, or allowed, to mock “retarded”? I find that to be the most offensive aspect of your rant. But it does show one’s character.


    DBP rocks!

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