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    What is everyone listening to now that 1090 is no longer. Is Randi still around somewhere? Personally protesting KIRO for it. Yeah we need another all sports channel…I’m back to music and don’t want to be. Mostly just turn off the radio now. :-{



    Yeah, sad state of affairs. Norman Goldman does a podcast on his website as do some others. Subscription-based. Not sure about Randy tho’.

    Roger Ailes blew tens, maybe hundreds of millions of dollars getting Faux News on its feet but they have guaranteed/locked in channels on both radio and tv thanks to media consolidation and the desire to build a propaganda network. Lobbied, bought and paid for. It’s the ‘merican way!



    This answer is probably not going to satisfy you, happy, but I think you should consider devoting the time to you used to give to AM 1090 to reading the New York Times and other relatively unbiased newspapers (skipping the editorial section) and then just taking some time to think about what it all means.

    The idea here is to get into the habit of forming your own opinions before subjecting yourself to the influence of other people’s.

    I find it unsettling that Americans are relying increasingly on biased media sources, not just for news of the world, but for guidance on what to THINK about the news. The result is a steady loss of critical thinking skills and increased polarization along ideological lines.

    Present company excluded, of course.


    Michael Waldo

    Thom Hartman is now on the Bellevue College station, live, from noon to 3pm.

    I can’t get it from home but I can get it in my car.

    KBCS 91.3.

    Also, I have posted before where to get an on line broadcast if you are by your computer and have speakers.

    Just Google: KRXA 540 am, KTRC 1260 Santa Fe.

    Or go here:



    Stephanie Miller’s show is being rebroadcast from 9:00 – noon on AM1180. The signal is pretty weak up here, but I find it occasionally.

    As mentioned above, Thom Hartman is on 91.3 from noon to 3. DBP, the thing I really like about Hartman’s show is that he will talk to conservatives anytime. He brings them to the front of the line when they call in and he often has authors and pundits and other people with opposing viewpoints on as guests. He usually keeps the conversation civil and you can actually hear both sides of an issue listening to his show.

    The other hosts you have to stream, either through the links posted above, or you can pick them up with a radio app on your smart phone if you have one.



    (Really from charlabob, who forgot to change the login.) I’m sorry…the New York times is no substitute for progressive talk radio (or television or blogs).

    Look for Amy Goodman on KBCS 91.3 Bellevue and Rachel Maddow on line

    (she’s also a leading light on msnbc but started out as part of the 1090 family.)

    Stephanie Miller is on Current TV, but I don’t know how long it or she will last.



    I agree. I read a variety of things including NYT online, but radio is for while you’re doing something else. Neither replaces the other. I just miss heartening, funny progressive schtick — it is so rare. Thanks for identifying where the pieces are located – and I do listen to bits but they are now without local news+weather glue. There is a disturbing disembodiment w/out local news interjected. It’s the Clear Channel Plan/Curse to homogenize all stations to a ball of goo. Garrrumph.



    dbp, how do you know I DON’T read the NYT? Difficult to read the newspaper while driving as well. Probably illegal too. Never cared too much for Stephanie Miller but I love to listen to Randi’s wisdom and humor.



    I think Randi Rhodes is great. Funny, smart.


    HMC Rich

    Elikapedia is correct. Get the ear buds out, download the TUNE IN app onto your iPhone. Search for your favorite lefty hosts and enjoy.

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