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    When the volunteers were building the Castle Park, I did a lot of the finishing work on the square climbing thing. I finished the work of hanging it, tried cutting off the bolts that were sticking out and rounding them off and put Lok-Tite on the nuts and bolts so they would stay together. Took a look at the playground yesterday and noticed that the square thing was gone! Does anybody know what happened to it? I’m hoping it went somewhere to get better finished, because I tried my best but just didn’t have the materials or tools to do a good job of finishing it in a manner that would make it safe to play on. Hopefully the bolts are being rounded off better and putty or something is being put in the bolt holes because otherwise it’s going to be a real “cutter”.

    Also- the wood chips seem to be in place but there’s still plenty of graffiti on the structure, including that special word. I know it got hit a while ago- any idea why it wasn’t cleaned immediately? It’s easier to get off if you get right to it.

    Having the community help with the building was a great idea, but the project seems to have stalled out a bit. On the other hand, the middle of the winter isn’t a real good time to open a playground, although that’s what happened with the Myrtle Reservoir and the one at 30th and Cloverdale.



    Did you contact the McBrides at roxhillcastle@gmail.com ?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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