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    If I can get myself, my largish suitcase and my laptop bag across to Fauntleroy on the ferry without my car, what’s the best option for getting to SEATAC to catch a flight? I am looking for a very minimum of schlepping, and I need to keep the cost down. I am a newby to public transport here, so any advice gratefully taken. Thanks



    margaret, what day of the week, and time of day will you be flying out?

    If it’s on a weekday, during peak a.m. or peak p.m. hours, you can catch a Sound Transit 560 from the stop by the little parking lot at the Fauntleroy terminal.

    Any other time will be a two transfer ride, and could be a bit pricey, as it would involve riding Metro, and Sound Transit, and ST no longer accepts/issues transfers.



    so, sound transit ST Express Bus 560 goes straight from the ferry to SEATAC? (IF i get there at the right time)I just have to figure out how to feed the meter and get on one bus?



    Margaret, what time and date are you going to the airport? I might be able to take you.



    I don’t mean to upset the public transport options, however, if you are looking for a “slick” ride, try searching for “town cars in Seattle”. I am not far from the terminal and I can schedule a town car for the same amount as a taxi ($40) to get a comfortable ride from West Seattle to the airport. If you have the funds and are looking for comfort . . . google it.



    Yeah, we used to have seven day/wk, full day service on the 560, between the Junction and airport (then on to Renton and Bellevue after that), until June 2011 when they made severe cutbacks.

    But, the Bellevue end of the Route still goes to the Airport, of course.

    I’d suggest taking Celeste up on her offer of a ride, if that works out for both of you. I’ve ridden with her a few times before, and she’s a good driver, who uses her turn signals, and doesn’t roll down her window and scream and shake her fist at other drivers. ;-)



    Thanks to all for your suggestions. I really like the idea of being able to take the 560 in one fell swoop from ferry to airport. Really too bad about the cuts, though. My flight is mid-week, but doesn’t leave until 3:30, so — unless I want to do the “several transfers shuffle” I would need to take an early morning ferry over; take that last 560 to the airport; then spend the day at SEATAC. hmmmm. Wonder what’s to do at the airport all day?


    Just figured it out!! I can catch the 673 bus up to the University Street Station light rail. That’s just one transfer and $5 to get to the airport. I should be able to handle that! The timing works for the 560 when I come home.



    Margaret, the offer stands if you would rather have a ride to the airport I could meet you at the ferry terminal and take you to the airport. You can reach me at celestine18 at comcast dot net



    Margaret, just in case you’re not aware, the “673 bus” is actually Rapid Ride C. Didn’t want you to be waiting for a bus that actually says 673 on it, since I don’t believe they do.


    Just as a follow-up to everyone who was so helpful on this. It was a big success. I did the Plan A: Rapid Ride Bus to University Street Station lightrail for $5 got me to the airport when I needed to get there. (Nice man on the bus showed me where the lightrail terminal was — Across the street and underground.) Coming back, Plan B was a piece of cake, since it was during the 560 Express times, so $2.50 got me all the way from SEATAC to the ferry terminal. And since I could leave my car at long-term parking on the Vashon side for free, the ferry only cost me an additional $2.50. Beat paying for cabs or long-term parking at the airport. Thank you everyone!!

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