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    i just saw the closed thread about road rage. i live in the same general area as elizabeth/elaine.

    about 6 weeks ago, my wife was driving home on evening commute across the bridge. she checked her mirrors, signalled, and changed lanes. then she heard honking. to her surprise, a late-model black BMW sedan filled her rearview mirror.

    she doesn’t know if she inadvertently cut him off (blind spot), if he was doing 90 across the bridge and she didn’t notice him in her immediate area, or if he was behind her and moved to pass before she did.

    my wife is not an ignorant driver, nor is she malicious. why risk your property and your health on a drive home?

    so the story goes that at the next opportunity, this guy cut back in front of her and slammed on the brakes in the middle of the bridge, which she anticipated. so he speeds off. she catches up to him at 35th and fauntleroy and is not happy about the prospect of seeing this guy again. he starts flipping her off – again – then crosses two lanes of traffic once the light turns green just to tailgate her and begin the road-raging/menacing again.

    so she whips a hard right into taco time/starbucks and locks the doors, preparing to lay on the horn, call police, attract attention, etc., thinking he might follow her. she thought he was attempting the avalon entrance for that confrontation, but may have been foiled by traffic turning in/out, so he sped off westbound on avalon and toward the junction.

    i urged her to file a police report to get it on record, but she refused. and no plate nummbers. (and if i had them, i wouldn’t attempt to post them.)

    anyone else encounter this guy?



    If I’m not mistaken, there have been previous posts about the driver of a black BMW engaged in similar behavior. If it’s the same guy, I’ve seen him a couple of times in my neighborhood driving at high rates of speed. Unfortunately, individual speeding incidents cannot be reported. I hope this maniac is stopped; a pole would do the trick.



    That driver is a menace. Wow.



    I was attacked in the same way as your wife by this guy. I called the police and they were not interested, even though I had a license plate.



    Let’s get this jerk.

    If we can narrow down the time of day we can all keep our eyes peeled.

    When I merge onto the WSB from SB99 there always seems to be a rush to get over to the left lane. The right lane is quite a bit slower – still not sure why.


    Sounds like an ahole. I will be on the look out for this guy and call 911 if I see him driving aggressively. Thanks for the heads up.



    I just hope people don’t start making generalizations about aggressive, BMW-driving ahole jerks.

    They are NOT all the same.



    This guy is NOTORIOUS. Anyone get a license plate number? Don’t post it here, obviously, but it would be interesting to see if it really is the same guy. I’m almost positive it is.



    Everything I can find about reporting aggressive driving is specific to the State Patrol and only applies to state highways and interstates, unfortunately the bridge is neither.

    Sounds like the best thing to do is try to note the plate number if you encounter this driver and call SPD. I’d hope it wouldn’t take him killing someone to get them to do something.



    The police would only be able to cite a driver if they witnessed the event (or if there was clear video showing the vehicle, driver of the vehicle, time and location). Any Officer responding to this type of complaint would chalk it up to a waste of time (i.e. needless paperwork). Unfortunately until the individual causes injury or property damage there isn’t much they can do.

    If it occurs on a regular basis in a similar area as other speeders etc. You could drop a line with SPD and request an emphasis on traffic enforcement in a specific area and hope that guy gets tangled up with them.



    yeah, i don’t want to start a pitchforks-and-torches campaign against BMW drivers. but this particular driver needs some psychological help and should be taken off of the road until he gets it.

    and unfortunately, the driver’s physical description could be best summed up with one word:




    The best you can do is try to avoid the drivers like this and then call 911. If SPD ignores your call to report an aggressive driver, try to write down as much info on details of the event and other car/driver as soon as it’s safe to do so. Then report it to WSP. There are many things SPD is great at, driving incidents seem to be very low on their priority list (I assume because it’s not exciting and requires filing reports and possible court dates).



    This guy was on the viaduct today going south, and he almost caused accidents a couple of times. He was very aggressive, and I can’t believe he’s still on the roads.



    Maybe we can compile a document of incidents that includes past WS Blog posts and give it to the SPD? Maybe I’m being too optimistic about an outcome, but at the very least we would be able to provide past evidence, should – heaven forbid – a serious accident occur because of this guy’s actions.



    I too saw this fellow recently, what a completely self-centered jerk. Leaving a trail of cars in his wake scrambling to avoid his car. Almost a guarantee that he will be the cause of an accident real soon.

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