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    I take the 120 bus down Delridge every day and have noticed that someone has placed garbage buckets at some of the bus stops on the North end of Delridge. I would love to know who did this, I think it’s awesome! I would like to do the same at the south end of Delridge. Also wondering where they got the cute buckets. I assume they also take care of disposing of the trash placed in the buckets. Thank you to whomever did this!



    That was the work of North Delridge resident Mike Dady, if I recall correctly. I remember reading about them on our google group or FB group when they were put out. Very cool, indeed!


    Nice! Thanks for letting me know! Good job, Mike!


    It was actually Holli with Mike helping to empty. I posted the link on Facebook so hopefully you can get more information.


    Mike D.

    whitecenterlove – It was Holli’s idea to put the trash containers at the bus stops at DelWay and Edmunds. A lot of litter was/is produced by Metro riders getting on, and getting off the bus at those stops. Metro no longer is doing the Adopt-A-Stop litter container program. A lot of children congregate in that location waiting to catch or get dropped off by the school bus and it was thought that the letter was setting a bad example. Since the containers were placed in early Fall, the amount of trash on the street/sidewalk has decreased considerably. But we are almost into winter which seems to produce less crud being tossed about so it will be interesting to see how well they work as we go into spring and summer 2013.

    Holli and I take charge of emptying the contents of each into our household trash receptacles. So far it has been no big deal.

    The containers themselves were cast off, FREE large plastic nursery pots. Village Green Nursery or the West Seattle Nursery should be able to hook you up. I sprayed each container with Kermit The Frog Green spray paint in honor of one of our more colorful characters — who recently died — in the neighborhood and whose little cottage is the same shade of green. It was a quick paint job, not a lot of surface prep so the paint did not adhere very well and a lot has flaked off. A good scrubbing with soap and water, then a wipe down with lacquer thinner or acetone followed up with a thorough and agressive scuffing with a coarse Scotch Brite pad and then another wipe down with acetone/lacquer thinner would produce a lot longer lasting finish and less chance of the paint flaking off.

    Oh yeah, on each container I placed an old Woodsy Owl Give A Hoot Don’t Pollute bumper sticker, trying to send a fun little message I guess. One of the stickers was removed and stolen within 24hrs. The other still remains! ‘

    I hope you pursue it down your way on Delridge Way. But you gotta’ pick a different color! You from the south, us from the north, maybe we’ll have the whole length of the street taken care of with a steward for each block……:)


    Thanks for the information, Mike! I didn’t consider the nurseries, I’ll check them out. What a great idea! I will ask Vera at Village Green, we’ve worked on a few projects together. I also noticed the Woodsy Owl sticker! I am definitely going to pursue it on the south end of Delridge, and I will do a different color. I already have my locations picked out. I do some volunteer picking up of garbage in the neighborhood and definitely notice less litter than in the Spring & Summer months. Thanks so much for the information and the tips. And thanks for helping to keep our neighborhood clean!



    Well, now, it looks like there’s a lot of shifting of “blame” as to who is responsible for this good deed! ;-)



    Oh yeah, thanks Holli!!! :)


    Mike D.

    Yes, this was Hollis’s idea!!!

    I was just the mechanism.

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