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    Tonight I found out that you can get cheated out of training. at the price they charge it is not good.

    It seems if you are in the calendar for training, when you check in you get charged for the training. If your trainer didn’t show up (as happened to me) you still get charged for it. The desk people can’t un-do that. I am going to have to go in during the day and get a log of training, get that un-done and see how many times that has happened. My trainer sometimes didn’t show up! How many times was I charged for a no-show?

    They say you get charged if you, as a member, do not give 24 hour notice. I should get FREE training if the trainer no-shows.

    TIP TO KNOW WHERE YOU STAND: If you check in at the back computer, they can print you a receipt that shows your sessions available and if you are being charged that night.

    GET YOUR RECORDS: I did. Guess what? I was charged for a training session on my bowling night when I do not go to the gym! Trainers can bill you without you even being there.

    I liked their older system where I had to put in my PIN number to get charged for training. The way it is now, I can use up all my training and never even have a training session.

    If you have personal training,

    1. GET A COPY of your log and verify it for accuracy

    2. ALWAYS check in at the back computer and GET YOUR RECEIPT! See if you’re being charged that night or if the number of sessions left mysteriously went down when you weren’t at the gym.



    They say you get charged if you, as a member, do not give 24 hour notice. I should get FREE training if the trainer no-shows.

    There you go, guy. If you put it to them this way, chances are good that you’ll get what you want. In general, businesses are much more congenial about giving you a “replacement” than they are about giving your money back.

    From your description, it sounds like they might need to do some tricky stuff with the “training calendar” so that you don’t get charged for the replacement training when you check in. So keep your eye on that. And good karma to you for giving such concise advice to All Star customers.

    BTW: Isn’t this joint for sale? Wonder how that will that affect existing clients.



    I’d be willing to bet that they are the most ranted-about business on the blog forums.



    The training is pre-paid. So it counts as one used. I spoke with the manager and he will have them do an audit of my records. He was really nice about it since I am a long time customer.

    He will also get to the bottom of what is going on with the check in records, as there is also a check in by the trainer. Either their software is messed up or something is not right. They will correct it.

    as for the sale, Dom removed his equipment from the training area. Otherwise they said all would continue on. Someone said they are not doing pre-paid memberships at the moment, just month to month. Prepaid continue until it expires then I guess month to month unless a sale is completed.

    I made the original post as people should track their training sessions. If their software is messed up, then get that receipt when you go in to be sure all is in order.

    Now when will the hot tub be back in service?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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