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    When you chose to purchase a puppy or dog from a pet store or online ad,(e.g., Craigslist), you are more than likely supporting the cruelty of a puppy mill. Ignorance is not bliss folks.

    Adopt…don’t shop. Petfinder lists adoptable dogs from all over the Country. We have dozens of great dog (and cat) rescue groups in Washington!

    If the ‘demand’ for pet store/online ad pups and dogs goes down, then the number of puppy mills will decrease. It’s simple economics–supply and demand. Each of us has the power to help put these folks out of business by withholding our dollars. Exercise your economic POWER!

    To see which local pet stores sell puppy mill pups, please see this Facebook link and if so inclined, ‘share it’.




    Thanks for posting this. Even those who think they must have a pedigreed pup can often find one to rescue through purebred (not bread) adoption groups.

    Craig’s List is a big offender – or maybe I should say there are many offenders on Craig’s List. Supposedly pet sales are prohibited on CL, but the ads are rampant. I try to flag them off as often as possible, but (suspiciously) many are never removed. Most of those in the CL flesh trade are well aware of the rules and find many sneaky ways to bypass them. I’m trying to think of some kind of campaign to convince CL to screen these ads out. In the meantime, I could use as much help flagging as possible.

    Many of these ads are for pitbulls, who will end up in either a fighting arena (or shelter death row) quicker than you can say “neuter”!



    I agree with what you said, but if people do not purchase the dogs what happens to them? They end up in the pound or worse? I am not saying I support puppy mills, just the opposite.

    We need to remind people to not get their child a bunny for Easter because they think it is cute, driving near Marymoor Park there were bunnys abound that people dumped because they found they were more work than cute.



    @ luckymom30 Your concern is legitimate. The

    issue of eliminating or reducing the amount of puppy mills in Washington State and across the U.S., is multi-pronged and complicated.

    As the ‘consumer’ stops purchasing puppy mill dogs, rescue groups and shelters need to continue to publicly state that they are willing to take the puppy mill dogs that go out of business (whether by choice or because they are busted and shut down). There has to be a safety net for the dogs and puppies already in the puppy mill pipe line of cruelty. Purchasing them from a pet store/online is not ‘rescuing’ them; it’s simply perpetuating the neglect, pain and cruelty.

    We should be proud of our Washington State Shelters and Rescue Groups who have stepped up and taken in hundreds of puppy mill dogs/pups when authorities have raided State based puppy mills. A few examples:

    1) In our own King County–the Burien/Issaquah bust. (King County is not immune to Puppy Mills)

    2) Several years ago in Skagit and Snohomish counties (West Seattle residents and businesses donated over 9 car/truckloads of needed supplies for these 400+ dogs’ care and $3,000 plus dollars!)



    I doubt this is something that will happen overnight, so it’s not likely that there will suddenly be thousands (more) homeless puppies. Nor are large scale puppy mills solely to blame. Cumulatively, I would guess that backyard/home breeders, whether through negligence or the desire to make a few easy tax-free bucks, actually contribute far more to the total number of puppy ‘products’ than mills.


    Im sorry, but adoption isnt the answer, education is.




    Cumulatively, I would guess that backyard/home breeders, whether through negligence or the desire to make a few easy tax-free bucks, actually contribute far more to the total number of puppy ‘products’ than mills.

    Mmmm . . . could be. But you’re using an awfully broad brush, aren’t you, anon? The term “home breeders” would pretty much include anyone who’s NOT running a mill, right?



    Looks like you failed to read some words there, babe, like the phrase “I would GUESS”.

    “Home breeding” would include anyone who is not a licensed breeder and/or puppy mills – that may or may not be licensed. Broad brush, broad problem.



    Eliminating puppy mills requires a multi-prong approach. This cruel,inhumane, puppy mill industry has existed for decades. There is no quick fix, yet each and everyone of us can make a difference.

    Adoption, not shopping; education/dog(human) training; spay/neuter of pets currently in homes; and more…are all solutions. There is no one solution, but one easy thing every person that wants a dog can do is adopt…and not shop.

    If you are going purchase a specific dog breed, then do your research and go to a Breeder of Merit. Do not go to a pet shop, craigslist, etc.

    Some say all breeding is bad. I believe there are some breeders that love and only breed a certain dog. They track bloodlines; breed a female once a year or once every two years; quality food is fed; vaccines and worming provided; socialization is a priority; etc.

    These same ‘breeders of merit’ also need to help lead the legislation and public outrage that will close down puppy mills/backyard breeders. To do less, is unforgivable.

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