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    Hello – we had a plumber from one of the bigger companies come out and quote us a sky high price to do some work on our hot water heater. We have one of those feelings like we are about to be ripped off and we’re looking for a second opinion. Does anyone have a handyman or local plumber they trust that they could recommend? Thank you so much!



    I would also love to find such a person. In my experience the large plumbing outfits are just an incredible ripoff. Very poor service at incredibly high prices.



    We hired Paul Lewan at Stalwart Plumbing, (206) 713-0474, on the recommendation of some friends. I’m so glad we did! This guy is smart, efficient, straightforward, reasonably priced, and very good at what he does. He’s also an incredibly nice guy. We started off with a basement job and ended us having him repipe our whole house. I can’t recommend him enough. (Oh, and he has Carl Kassel from “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” on his answering machine. If, like Paul and me, you are an NPR geek, you must call him.)



    What work needs doing?



    joetheplumberseattle website or # is 206-285-2434. Had Beacon charge me $300 for a half hour job plus the cost of tool rental. Also billed me for the blade they used “in case” it breaks. It didn’t. I wanted to keep the blade on principle since I payed for it. Couldn’t, of course. Called Joe the next time and he talked me through the problem on the phone. Fixed it myself. Can’t tell you how much I appreciated his honesty that I didn’t really need him. Would not hesitate to call him for a real job.



    I had Southwest come out and quote for some repipe….$1600 for ten sweat joints on copper pipes. That’s $160 a joint!. I hired a retired plumber for the day who taught me how to solder and I did it myself:)



    Greg Jensen of Jensen plumbing is terrific. Super nice guy. Has done a bunch of work on our house over the years and I have been happy with all of it.



    Big Jim Plumbing is great too!



    Beacon is decently priced (they don’t charge an emergency surcharge for weekend work like most of the big ones) and very professional. We’ve used them to fix an internal flooding issue, but never for upgrades or remodels.

    If you’re just doing hot water heater work, you can try some of the services that specialize in water heaters, like Action, Fast, or Benla.



    For installing a new water heater we used Brennan (, and we were very happy with them — professional, fast, and reasonably priced — but I don’t know if they do what you need done.

    I have heard great things about Guy Nelson from CBC Plumbing, but when I tried to hire him for something, he was too busy — perhaps a good sign.



    We had to replace a sewer line, and some drainage, a few years back and used RayMark. They aren’t in West Seattle, but we thought they were fantastic. Little disruption of our yard, the job was done on time and UNDER budget. They also improved my great-aunt’s sewer system and made the previous company come back and fix their mistake, for nothing! Great people!



    I had to have one of my water heaters replaced. I called Southwest Plumbing and after getting their quote I decided to check elsewhere. I saw that someone suggested Joe the Plumber so I called him. He was here the next day, replaced the water heater and did it for HALF the quote from SWP. That is even less that what he ball parked on the phone for a rough estimate.



    We’re having some work done by O’Neill Plumbing at the end of the week. I’ll post up when it’s done with our experience.




    I also have used Stalwart Plumbing and really liked them. They have a woman plumber whom I got along with quite well. She actually took her shoes off to come in the house…imagine.



    About 18 months ago I had to have all of water service lines replaced – from the meter on forward. I ended up going with Collier Plumbing and have been very satisfied with their work. They installed all new PEX water service lines and installed an outdoor shut-off (which I didn’t have). I’ve since learned more about plumbing and have double-checked their work and am still impressed. Everything is to code (as it should be) and they pulled necessary permits. I recently called them for a blocked sewer line which they said they don’t do but they referred me to Rapid Rooter who were very prompt and reasonable. I was pleasantly surprised by their promptness and reasonable price.

    I know this isn’t water heater related, but that’s my $0.02.



    I just had Paul Lewan from Stalwart Plumbing out yesterday to change out some fixtures for me in my new house. I have to echo the other recommendations here about him. He was a great guy. Pleasant, smart, efficient and reasonably priced. I’m already planning to have him do some more work for me.



    At the risk of piling on…

    I called Paul at Stalwart last week thinking I needed to have my water heater replaced. He came out to take a look and immediately figured out that the problem lied elsewhere and said a new tank was not necessary. Had I called anyplace else they would have sent a crew and swapped out the tank without checking to see if it was truly necessary. Talk about professionalism and integrity – if I ever have another plumbing need there is no question who I will call.



    While I’m at it, I also want to give a shout out to O’Neill Plumbing. I had them replace my main water line while my yard was dug up for a landscaping project. Cevin Farnsworth gave me a good price and excellent service, and their installation crew was friendly and did a great job. Local business to boot. Recommended.



    We hired Joe The Plumber (206-285-2434) based on advice in an earlier posting (Thanks, JT!). What a great find! Joe fixed a shower valve that I had taken apart and couldn’t replace (doh!). He was very nice, researched it online during the evening at no charge, and fixed the problem. He charged us only half the time he was on site because he couldn’t fix it right away. Now that’s integrity! Joe is very fair, communicates well (not something you always find in your plumbers), pleasant and affordable. Highly recommended!



    Bumped so it can be found re another thread



    Since you asked for a handyman OR a plumber, let me recommend a great handyman who did this for me two weeks ago (including buying the water heater, bringing it here, installing it, and hauling the old one off.) We found him through angie’s list, where he had A rating and we’d say the same — he is:

    Clint Holiman

    12153 3rd Avenue



    He does everything except electric, siding, and carpeting, so save this name in general handyperson as well.



    Ok….So I called JOE THE PLUMBER today and I just wanted to say that I am happy I did. He will be doing a small job for me in the next few days.I was impressed with his character and honesty.His price was very fair also..Will post again when his done , and give you an update.Thanks..


    Hello everyone, i just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone that have used my services and who have posted feedback about their experiences with Joe the plumber. A Big thanks to JT and the West Seattle blog for helping me grow my business. Take care all, Joe



    Joe, that is so cool! I meant it that I appreciated your honesty. You spoke to me without talking down and gave me the confidence to proceed on my own. That doesn’t happen often and was worth noting when a recommendation was asked for. I think it’s important to promote the *good guys* and I’m glad it worked out for all.



    I called Joe the Plumber (based on recommendations in this thread) after I got a $650 bid from Southwest plumbing to clean out a floor drain that was backing up in the basement.


    He came out this morning (a few minutes early even!) and was able to fix the problem in less than a half hour! For < $100!!!! He even talked me through how I’d go about fixing a leaky faucet in the bathroom!


    Finding a good, trustworthy & honest tradesperson is a rare thing. Thanks WSB forums for the recommendation, and thanks Joe for a job well done!

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