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    I was going around a traffic circle, the ones you do not stop for. Look no traffic coming I guess I will…STOP. I noticed the peds only because their shoes had reflective elements.

    I am not saying I shouldn’t have stopped (I did)and I was below the speed limit. But I may have kept going. I think the new halogen lights are great but they seem to have a sharp divider between the lit area and the dark area. Add in the low visibility of peds with dark clothing (aside from shoes). If you frequently walk along darkened streets please wear something reflective–shoes at the least, a vest or light otherwise.

    I was on the losing end of a car-ped collision on a brightly lit downtown street and I don’t want to injure anyone since I have been there, done that. Thanks.



    AGREE, AGREE, AGREE. I am an avid walker. As a driver, I live in fear of hitting a pedestrian in dark clothing at one of our dark intersections, or even a bright one. Darkness, rain, and lights produce serious visual impairments.



    visibility is imperative. dark clothing, dark and rainy night is a recipe for disaster. btw the car usually wins right or wrong!



    I stopped and complimented a woman last year who was wearing a highly reflective belt that went from her shoulder down to her waist. Had it not been for that, I might have not seen her. I saw her on two separate occasions and was VERY impressed with the visibility that the belt created!

    I really hate to encourage the “nanny” state thinking, but this really should be some sort of law, or ordinance. Reflective clothing really works!






    I still remember one dark night when I was pulling out on Aurora in a poorly lit section (you have to get up to speed quickly so a fairly crazy maneuver in that stretch.). I stopped, looked both ways twice, did not see anything, then went to pull out and almost hit two pedestrians dressed in dark clothing who were suddenly crossing in front of me. They pounded on the hood of my car, threatened to call the cops, etc. I rolled down my window, told them they were dressed in dark clothing and i honestly did not see them and they just flipped me the bird and went on. I still get upset thinking about that today. Thank god, I did not hurt someone. It was so dark, I honestly did not see them. Because of that close call, I always take extra time to check and make sure, especially when crossing a sidewalk like that. One split second and my life and their lives could’ve changed forever. So, it is both a case of driver and pedestrians needing to be extra aware this time of year. Can’t wait for spring!



    kayo – pedestrians wearing dark clothing at night are simply stupid.



    It’s kind of frustrating that the most common colors available for outerwear are all black or dark blue. Your choices are much more limited if you want light colors. Of course, we can change that if everybody buys the light ones and leaves the dark stuff in the shop.



    Just last night I was driving around 5pm and I was over by Westwood Village and there was a man and his son walking across the street, both in all black. Luckily I saw them but I could have easily missed them.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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