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    WOW what a powerful hour of TV. Saw it on Tuesday PM ~ 9:00 or so. Check for it, watch it, then enjoy your Thanksgiving, then…



    I didn’t see it yet, but I did find the video online if anyone wants to watch it: http://video.kcts9.org/video/2306814133

    Editing to add that I just watched it. Heartbreaking stuff. I know we had it really tough when we were growing up, but we were quite rich compared to this. I did find myself being annoyed by the girl who was living in the hotel though – her lack of respect for her mom and not being grateful that she wasn’t actually living in greenbelt somewhere. I totally get that life was very hard for them and her, but seemed like she needed a reality check.



    I can remember walking to school with cardboard stuffed in my shoes because of the holes in the sole… but we had a roof over our heads and ate regularly… i knew where i would sleep that night.. and who would be at the dinner table… and could concentrate on more important things .. like learning.

    the worst part of extreme poverty is the inability to create the kind of stability that children need to feel secure enough to grow emotionally.



    Yikes sue! Who are you to judge that little 8yr old girl, Maybe she HAS no respect for her Mom…you only know what they showed you. She was not grateful for having to constantly have to move in and out of seedy motel rooms, no food, continuously hungry, having to give up her beloved dog to the pound. Yeah I can understand her having no respect for her Mother. I think she is living a reality check.



    I thought she was a pretty smart, sassy young woman. Dad was a loser…. IMO .. poverty is not something you sit around and accept. Move man, got where there is work. I no longer believe it. I offered $750 CASH. per week.. under the table… for a N’ville resident…. for a simple job of turning a hose on every 15 minutes…. length of time of employment? 2 days before the first “no show”… N’ville is what it is for lots of reasons. Most are self inflicted wounds. y’know happywalker.. I don’t judge her… but damn I have lots of opinions about her “parents”….. I come from another time… but this I do know… “we” as a community, FFA, BSA, Rotary, Eagles, Meth, Luth Cath churches, volunteer Fire Department.. we never would allow it..ever…. we did a hell of lot better job for those amongst us then any government program. I was thinking about NYC…. a population of over 12 million couldn’t absorb or have the social network resources for a mere 148K with no homes or shelter? Therein lies the fallacy of more government. I saw the documentary… it was tragic … sad.



    I offered $750 CASH. per week.. under the table… for a N’ville resident…. for a simple job of turning a hose on every 15 minutes….

    Either there is a typo in this, or that job ain’t so simple.


    Did turning on the valve involve scaling a water tower, or something?





    LOL.. must have

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