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    It looks like the thread about Dylan Mayer killing a nesting female octopus at Cove 2 has been deleted from the WSB forum.

    And it was killing, not hunting. Hunters don’t kill females that are actively caring for young. People with any spark of decency don’t leave young to die without their mother.



    I am also curious as to if the thread got deleted and if so why?



    because it was redundant..and got personal. We don’t do that here. You can talk about the topic of the thread, but if it gets personal, the editor will axe it



    As Jan stated, it became personal. In addition, it was legal.



    Do I remember correctly that one of the final entries to the now deleted thread was (supposedly) from “Mr. Hunter” himself stating that the beautiful creature was in fact a male and not removed from atop a pile of eggs?

    Regardless of legality, it just isn’t right



    I doubt anyone on these forums is in a position to police morality.



    Hi there, I called WDFW regarding the claims of poaching in Edmonds Area 12 which IS a conservation area. WDFW confirmed they did speak with Dylan and have addressed the concerns of legality and his hunting. He has the proper permitting and hunting license. Note also – I was informed he is actually 17 years old. So, another reason to exercise caution in these forums if he is a minor. The cat is out of the bag and he is now getting his due. His parents, and friends are now in an unfortunate position. Looks like the internet and news will provide retribution for many.



    I just saw this in the Seattle Times and checked WSB to see if there was any coverage since it happened in the Alki area. It seems pretty sad to me to take the octopus. Does he intend to eat it? Here’s the link to the article with a photo: http://tinyurl.com/aecnoxq ~z



    It’s been under discussion here for a day – there’s a thread here somewhere.

    I’ve been trying to do a story for about 36 hours now and things have only now quieted down enough. But it’s not the easy “oh, this guy is a jerk” story – it’s the question of how can this be made illegal, since it’s not illegal now.

    P.S. I did not delete a thread. I’m going to go looking for it. I deleted one rule-breaking comment to which we were flagged much earlier today, but no thread.




    Unless the OP deleted the original post – which I wouldn’t think could delete the entire thread, but maybe it can – I can’t find it. It’s still cached on Google. http://is.gd/cqUqlU

    Anyway, sorry about that, but honestly, I will discuss a problem thread. That one wasn’t a problem thread – it had one problem post. Linking to the discussions elsewhere by the way is not a violation – I won’t be publishing the guy’s name and photos in our report (which I have to get back to working on) but linking out (assuming you’re not linking to X-rated or malware sites) is not a violation.


    P.S. (added a couple minutes later) I didn’t even know the alleged octopus-“hunter” (or someone pretending to be him) had posted until I just read through that cached version. The last time I saw the thread was fairly early this morning.



    … Last update:

    Found 25 posts in the trash and un-deleted them, which appears to have revived the original thread.




    i shall re post, i am the “octopus hunter”

    Hammerhead this is for you. yes i did eat the octopus (some of it) and i also gave much of it to my old high school teachers that i often still work with. i still have most of it in my freezer. i will also state that nothing was wasted

    for the rest of you. i would like to state that i do regret fishing in the spot i did. but if you saw it the way i did (seeing other fishermen and dive shops not seeming to care when i said i was going to fish it) you wouldn’t have thought there was a problem either. if someone would have just came and told me nicely instead of confronting me bluntly and rudely, i would have released it. however the community (not everyone) felt the actions they took were necessary.



    Dylan, people confronted you rudely because they care about life.

    The Octopus is an incredibly intelligent creature and unfortunately, they are at the mercy of humans and their ignorance. I bet that Many would not have blinked an eye in another age or another town when you surfaced with this creature. I remember deep sea fishing in Alaska with my family and accidentally catching an octopus. It fought for its life. It knew what was happening. We gave it to a hungry family on the reservation in Metlakatla.

    I doubt having the money to be diving that you are hungry. You had no reason to kill this creature, hence the outrage at your actions. No, it may not be illegal, but thank you for getting the ball rolling. Personally, I think hunting out complete ignorance should be allowed, the world might be a better place.

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