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    Dog Owner(s): Please do not continue to leave your plastic bags of dog poop in Schmitz Park. In the last year or so, someone has started leaving bags of poop sitting in the middle of the trail, thrown into the bushes, or even tied to shrubs—at eye level. Please do not continue to leave this disgusting and ecologically harmful litter in our only Park Preserve. Take it home and throw it away.



    The dog problem at Schmitz has gotten much worse in recent years. Back inna day, you’d hardly see any dogs there, just hikers. Now there are dogs all over the place. Often owners will just go in there and turn their dogs loose to run.

    Given that it’s a nature preserve, dogs should not even be allowed there. They spook wildlife and poop in the watershed. And when people leave the poop baggies, you have plastic trash on top of everything else.

    Time to draw the line.


    Insert dismissive comment about “first world problems” below.



    DBP, I agree. Seems that some people have absolutely no respect for what’s around them. Perhaps a holdover from that “me” thing, I really don’t know. Schmitz Park…old growth in the middle of a city. How many places actually have that? But, how do you police it?



    Someone out there that uses blue plastic bags for their poopies must strew them along the sidewalks and bushes in order to follow them home again. I can’t limit the blue plastic poopie bag person to West Seattle, their range extends to Mountlake Terrace and beyond.



    I live near the huge Link apts and also NOVA and both allow dogs. I see many people walking their dogs in the evening when I go to work out.

    And I rarely see poop or poop bags on the sidewalk or streets.

    I’m impressed….



    That’s annoying and makes us good dog poop picker-uppers look bad! I must say – when I do do that (pun intended!), it’s because I’m out on my run and pick up on the way back as I loop back. Otherwise – not so difficult to put into the trash!!! Sheesh!


    HMC Rich

    Into Your trash or someone elses? Sorry, couldn’t resist. Ignore this please.



    The blue bags aren’t limited to Schmitz Park. I saw one the other day in the middle of California Ave. Shrug.



    hehe – YOURS! i deliberately finish my run at your bin! :P



    I don’t know what’s wrong with people. Be responsible for your dog’s crap! Nobody else should have to deal with it, period.It amazes me that these are “adults” for the most part…



    Whenever I see this, I cannot help but wonder how those dog owners would feel if I left my toddler’s poop filled diaper in the middle of a public park.



    HA! Go for it! You’d be just one of the many out there that already has your idea in mind. Check out Alki after a nice day – you can join the masses with your toddler’s joyous gifts. 80/20 rule. Nothing like all those a$$hole dog and toddler owners leaving yesterday’s fixin’s for the rest of us.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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