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    Hi, fellow Mini owners! I found some old blog postings re Mini Cooper service, including a place in Redmond – which is a bit far for me. Anyone have suggestions for something in West Seattle or the general Seattle area? I liked Swedish for my dearly departed Volvo, but they’re kind of high-end with prices, and the service Mini needs this time is pretty basic. Anyone have experience with Import Doctors downtown, or Dere Auto in West Seattle, for instance?



    We had a clutch replaced at Swedish Automotive- We thought the price was kind of high, too. Plus they replaced the flywheel (I don’t think they had to- it could have been machined but they thought it was the kind that can’t be machined) and they screwed up an axle seal, which they fixed after we discovered it leaking.

    I had good luck at Fat City downtown, plus there’s a good Thai place across the street. I had my first oil change there and they were quick, reasonable and worked me in at the last minute.

    I do most of my own work (up to clutch replacement) but if there’s something special we need done to ours (we have 2 R50’s) we have started going to South Lake European in Renton. Reasonable, and they know what they are doing.

    I would hesitate taking a MINI to just a general car repair shop. They are really specialized little machines, as I have found out. Have you considered joining up with, the local club? Lots of advice, helpful people and discounts at places like South Lake European. If your needs are simple enough, you might even be able to find a club member to help you.




    Thanks, Val. Good idea about joining the local club. And re Fat City, you had me at “Thai restaurant.” And will definitely check out South Lake European, too. Cheerio!



    I love the wsb…you can find anything here! I am thinking of buying a mini (sans eyelashes) wondering if any one else has any other thoughts on good repair/service for minis in west seattle. There seems to be only 2 dealers, one in Tacoma, one up north on Lake City Way, how are they for service, anybody know?



    Hi! Loved your comment about “sans eyelashes.”

    I bought my car in Fife, before the dealership up north opened up. Been to the latter for scheduled maintenance. They were fine for service, and it’s isn’t a bad drive – a lot easier than going to Fife. Plus, free WiFi and snacks in the waiting area make things less tedious. Minis are definitely quirky, but I love my car!



    We used Import Docs for our Honda and Volvo. Loved them, but grew tired of the trip downtown for repair when there are lots of places in WS. Found them to be very honest and affordable. We had a lemon of a volvo five years ago and had it in for service with Import Docs. Five minutes after leaving the shop it broke down on the viaduct on-ramp. I called Marco (the mechanic working) super pissed off. He was closing, but stayed open to wait for the tow truck to arrive. We’d had issues with the Volvo just stopping and not being able to restart it in the past for no apparent reason. This time it just happened to coincide with it just having been serviced. But I was super impressed with Marco’s help. Been about three years since we’ve been there.



    I like the dealership, though they are rather expensive when your Mini goes out of warranty. I took my last Mini to Fat City ( for a quote and they were good folks, though I ended up trading it in rather than having the expensive repairs done. But I’ll take my current Mini there when its extended warranty does expire.

    No car eyelashes for me. :)

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