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    I really chuckle when I see the uproar over this mapping of registered gun owners. I suspect several of the gun owners chuckle as well.


    Where will violent criminals go to break in, using these maps?

    The people who should be worried are those NOT MAPPED.

    This is called unintended consequences – the progressive, righteous folk who thought it a great service to spot gun owners on a map have just put a target on those areas where there are NO marked gun owners.

    Guess where the criminals will go first?

    For you gun free homeowners, do you want this kind of mapping, of registered gun OWNERS, for Seattle?

    THINK before you answer …



    guns don’t have to be registered in washington state. so what is a “registered gun owner?”

    you know, i have to chuckle when i hear conservatives throw out red herring after red herring to avoid admitting that this country has a serious problem.

    the second amendment doesn’t mean what you seem to think it means.



    Thank you for not addressing the issue of permit (or gun owner) mapping – it is certainly an issue where they have been mapped. My comment is very relevant to where mapping is occurring.

    My comment is not about the 2nd Amendment.



    again, guns do not have to be registered, and gun owners are not required to obtain permits, except to carry concealed. only a fool would break into a house and assume that the owner isn’t armed based on some carry permit map.

    let me ask you something: how many “registered owners” live in the central district or rainier valley? think all of those guns will get mapped?

    this is a non-issue.




    your assumption that the mere presence of guns would be a deterrent against criminals overlooks one small fact.. the market in illegal guns sales.

    if i was a criminal looking for guns

    i wouldn’t go steal them from areas where there were no guns



    Ok, I’ll bite – if this hypothetical interactive map for Seattle looks anything like the New York map, there are enough unmarked houses that I really doubt it’d really increase the chances of getting your house broken into that much at all.

    Plus, I like that the infographic is showing the exercising of the 1st and 2nd amendments, so I don’t mind if someone would bother making this map for Seattle with publicly available data.



    Certainly tells the thieves that are looking to steal guns where to go find them.I know that was not the intent of the public map but it was my first thought when I saw the map online.



    I know where the people looking to steal guns are going to go.

    Even a criminal knows that your gun is completely useless when you’re not home.

    They also know that the gun-owning homeowner is infinitely more likely to delude themselves with fantasies of defending their home and not have an alarm system.

    “Think about it”.

    How about you put your money where your mouth is and post your address?



    folks: when responding to FRA, my purpose was to point out that such a map is useless in washington state – because guns do not have to be registered. the only licensing requirement here is that you have a carry permit if you intend to carry a gun in public.

    therefore, mapping carry permits in washington is useless data for those with the intent of burglarizing homes. unless, as spodie points out, their intent is to steal the guns themselves.

    my hunch (call it a conspiracy theory, if you will) is that this is a false flag, and that it was probably spread by someone trying to make a point about gun ownership and homeowner security.


    the fact is that this map tells criminals absolutely nothing about whose homes are defended with firearms and whose aren’t. all it tells them vis-a-vis washington state is who has a license to carry.

    i know this post is overkill (pun intended) but this nonsense needs to be shut down, and with authority.

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