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    although they are unlikely to get credited for breaking the story about the flooding at Nickelsville, the picture on the front page inspired pretty much every major news outlet to send a truck to Nickeslville.

    With any luck the resulting news coverage will result in solutions to some of the most pressing problems there.

    Great job WSB!



    Although I applaud your optimism, I am doubtful that news coverage will result in a solution to the biggest problem of Nickelsville, which is that it exists at all.

    If people were to see this coverage and think: Why is this place even here? I’m going to put pressure on City Hall to get those people out of there and into someplace decent . . . then, yeah, it could help. But that’s just not the way the news works. And it’s not the way people’s minds work, either.

    If a thousand people watch a news story about a family going hungry on Thanksgiving, perhaps one of them will actually be inspired to get involved in some kind of long-term effort to end hunger.

    The other 999 will kick in a buck and say, “There. I’ve done my part.”

    And this is precisely the function that the news serves in our society. It’s not there to encourage people to think about solutions. It’s there to give people a chance to feel good about themselves.




    i was thinking in terms of immediate survival for the people camped at Nickelsville…

    practical things like batteries, gas for the generator, safe water, dry blankets, tarps, rain boots, hot food … etc…

    i have too much experience with the process of city government now to expect any swift solutions for Nickelsville from that quarter.

    However, the recent events that have created Camp Unity have shown us that there is a path for us to help the faith based community help find a better space for those now living at Nickelsville…

    I don’t know if you know that our local faith based community really stepped up last night…

    i will admit that this will take some creative solutions DBP..

    but you couldn’t find a better place for creative solutions than West Seattle



    DBP..why are you so negative about all of this? Does it harken back before people tried to educate you about NV, as you seemed then to want to shut it down? Who gives a damn about long term right now? These people need help right now. So pull on your hip waders and get down there and help out. I would if I could. I’m just sick of doomsayers who constantly say it won’t help. Yes, it shouldn’t exist at all…but…big BUT..it DOES exist. That’s the reality. Do you think JoB asks herself aboout the long term on days like this? Or other donors? No…they’re there, not sitting at their computers saying it’s not going to help. So knock it off !!!

    and you know I love you still :)



    i spent a couple of hours at Nickelsville today and watched a steady stream of neighbors who came by to either deliver supplies or to see what they could do to help out.


    hip waders aren’t necessary.. but i would recommend waterproof boots.

    I can’t tell you how happy i was today that i bought mine during last year’s floods.

    that and that orange rain jacket…

    not only did it keep me dry,

    but it warned people to get out of my way.

    that wet pallet walk was slippery…

    and it was not safe to standing next to me as i slip slided my way along.



    My mom, Mary Anne, was down there as well JoB. What she described to me as the living conditions now are just deplorable. I have never been so grateful for the roof over mine and my children’s heads. Thank you for all that you are doing! And to the stream of helpful neighbors as well.

    And yes, high fives all around to the West Seattle Blog! I completely agree that the Nicklesville plight was heard more readily due to their continued coverage of the folks there, especially during such a day as yesterday. Thank you WSBlog!



    I didn’t realize that Mary Anne is your Mom, Andrea!

    I had the pleasure of meeting her at the Bazaar at Shorewood School ten days ago!




    we are a small small world :)


    Betty T

    I saw you JoB standing in the parking lot talking to two gentlemen yesterday when I rode by in our residents’ van. Was no surprise to me.

    I know people who don’t understand why people want live and keep Nickelsville. Of course its people who don’t go there and learn why. Why they prefer their own “community” to being indoors. You just can’t explain it to them. Some think housing is the total solution and its not.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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