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    HMC Rich



    i so hope your comment is tongue in cheek



    what conflict of interest? we’re not going to allow that pipeline to be built.

    and even if it does somehow get strong-armed through, she can sell her stock in the company.



    no one said anything when it came out that John Boehner also has a monetary interest in the XL Pipeline…but, hey, we’ll just overlook that !



    Jan, how do you feel about what Rice AND Boehner did? Is it a good thing?

    And how does Rice’s stock in TransCanada jibe with this theory that Democrats wear white hats?



    I am not so happy about politicians feathering their own nests with the public policies they create.


    as for those white hats..

    this whole good/bad democrat/republican dichotomy is so partisan… and so mistaken.

    you can focus there if you want..

    but it’s another one of those made up controversies designed to distract us from what is actually important.

    today our president signed a bill that exempts US airlines from a European Union carbon tax.

    how that is going to work if those airlines fly in European Union airspace and land at European Union airports, i don’t know… but it should be really fun to find out.

    i suspect the US treasury will re-imburse them for the expense which means that John Q will pick up the tab twice.. once in airfares and again at tax time.

    For the record, i am not happy about that either.



    DP: anyone can make investments in america, right? even in canadian companies!

    what’s in your 401(k), anyway? coca cola? home depot? exxon? bank of america? microsoft? i’m sure there’s some of that bad money in my union pension, too.

    rice is a member of the brookings institute, and appears to be somewhat of a global corporatist. so i think transnational pipelines are right in her wheelhouse.

    and boehner is a “drill, baby, drill” republican. enough said.

    in principal, i disagree with transnational pipelines – especially when they pass right through a market that incorrectly believes that it will be receiving that (canadian) oil at a discounted price.

    but i also believe that the president sees something worthwhile in rice’s ability to be secretary of state.

    personally, i’d prefer a true isolationist and protectionist secretary of state; one who believes that it’s not okay to make money from buying oil futures – or, rather, companies that make their scratch from moving oil.

    however, my influence on that decision is pretty infinitesimal.

    it’s just another item in the list of areas where i and my fellow democrats part ways. i probably don’t have much in common with diane feinstein, hillary clinton, ben nelson, larry summers, tim geithner, or richard holbrooke, either.

    then again, i might just be making excuses.

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