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    Any juicers out there? Would like to start juicing vegetables and am looking for recommendations for machines. Thanks!



    I have an Omega 8006 model. I really like it. My 1st juicer was a juiceman, centrifugal style, the Omega is masticating. I definately get more juice out of it. It does leafy veggies and wheat grass if you are thinking of going that route with your juicing.




    I have a L’Equip juicer. Really like it. It is centerfugial, but really gets the juice out. It can also do leafy items, but I have used it mainly for veggies/fruit/ginger



    I have an Omega 8004 (the white version of the 8006). It really does do it all, soft things like tomatoes and chard, and firm things like carrots and sweet potatoes.



    The Omegas seem to be popular – I just got an Omega VRT330HD and absolutely love it. Does a great job with greens (which is a majority of what I juice). This is also a masticating juicer, which means that in theory the juice will be good for 72 hours after juicing. It’s best soon after, and I try not to let it sit more than 36 hours, but it’s good to have options. What sold me was this YouTube video that was a review of it and showed it great detail how it worked: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oa4pqFsRk18



    We LOVE our new Breville juicer! I read a lot about juicers before I bought one, and while I don’t remember the specific names of ones I didn’t choose, I know that some of them work so fast that they actually heat up the juice and kill a portion of the minerals and nutrients. (At least that’s what I read on line) Anyway, the Breville didn’t and it’s really great! Easy to use and easy to clean!



    Omega 8006 is what I chose after a lot of research. I love the feature that makes fresh sorbet from frozen fruits. My best friend uses it to make fresh pasta. Also the ability to store the juice for up to three days was key in my busy life. The 8006 has a 15 year warranty compared to 5 on the 8004 and the auger ( the things that pushes the veggie into the blade) is made of a material that is harder and longer ( who couldn’t love that!) joking aside, I had a cheap juicer at first which was a waste of money in produce because it didn’t squeeze out every last drop like my Omega does. I talk up this gadget so much my friend joke I should be getting a kick back.



    Shoulda gone with Lance Armstrong. No better juicer out there.



    NutriBullet :)



    i love my living well by montel williams

    it’s more of an emulsifier more than a juicer

    you do have to like pulp in your juice though



    The owner of Alki Juice and Java recommended the Breville BJE510XL Ikon 900-Watt Variable-Speed Juice Extractor to me and I am very happy with it.



    Thanks so much everybody!



    Anyone have a Champion juicer? These things are so industrial and so gooooooood!

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