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    I’ve searched through the past threads on this topic, but there isn’t anything very recent.

    Does anyone have an insurance broker or agent that they “like” working with? We are very unhappy with our current agent and would like to shop our policies around. Any recommendations would be appreciated!




    We use Kibble & Prentice.

    Not West Seattle exactly, but they’re really responsive and have gotten good results when they went to market with our policies.



    I work for an insurance brokerage firm that I’d absolutely recommend! But so as not to tie my personal opinions here with my employers’ name, please email me for a specific recommendation based on your business’s needs and size.

    Another suggestion would be to check out page 150 of the Puget Sound Business Journal’s 2013 Book of Lists, which lists both national and local insurance brokerage firms.



    Last year I was shopping around to possibly change my professional liability insurance, and I contacted Northwest Insurance Group (one of WSB’s sponsors on the right sidebar). They responded quickly to my email inquiry and went back and forth with me with great information, including ultimately telling me that they couldn’t do any better than my current plan I had with someone else, and that they recommended staying with them instead of switching to them. They were so pleasant and helpful and honest, that I felt bad that I couldn’t do business with them ultimately! So I haven’t actually done business with them in terms of having policies with them, but loved my limited interactions with them.



    Thanks, Sue. Northwest Insurance’s direct link is:

    You of course always have to make a decision based on whether a business and its services/products are right for you. But since currently WSB is (like many news organizations) 100 percent advertising-funded, we appreciate hearing about folks checking out our sponsors.

    Another insurance agency has been a longtime WSB sponsor – Dave Newman/State Farm:

    In addition to the sidebar ads, we also keep a categorized list of sponsors (see the “tab” above). Later today we’ll be updating it to reflect January changes.

    Good luck to the OP in finding the right broker! – TR



    Tom Warnke with Gillespie Insurance 206 624 0880.

    You can’t find someone more local than Tom.



    I LOVE Dave Newman and his staff people at State Farm on California just past the high school, approx. They go out of their way to help, and no request is too small. They always get back to me right away with email or phone questions. The office feels comfortable and it’s a happy place – they remember your name and are always glad to see you. The agent makes a big difference to me…. I don’t recommend the State Farm office at Admiral and California, but Dave Newman and his office is A+ in my book.


    WS Born

    We switched over to Northwest Insurance a little over a year ago and I couldn’t be happier. They have the best customer service I have experienced!



    Keep in mind that “captive agents” like State Farm can only sell you their products. Independent agents can find you the best products from many different companies. For property and casualty such as auto and home insurance try Eastside Insurance. Tom Brody is the owner; very knowledgable and helpful.



    another STRONG endorsement for Dave Newman.

    In the years he has handled all our insurance needs AND has become a friend and a mentor.

    I (we) can not recommend him enough!



    NW Insurance Group is awesome!! I’ve been with them for years, refer everyone I know & have never been anything but completely happy! 206-932-2500 is the office number!



    Just contacted Dave Newman regarding business insurance! Thanks for the referral to a WSB sponsor!



    Just some caution: Not always the case but what my be excellent service up front is not always the same once an issue comes up, like a claim.

    A bit off topic but if I were looking at say car insurance, I would want to know who was the most responsive and customer service oriented if I had a car accident rather than just how good they were when they were just selling the policy.

    Anywho, just food for thought…



    Another rave for the Northwest Insurance Group. My contact there was Jessie, who was friendly, knowledgeable, and prompt to respond to my emails. Highly recommended.



    I have been very pleased with my local West Seattle agent, Ray Neumiller. 206-938-1278

    She’s great!



    Brent Amacher State Farm in North Admiral – I like to recommend him for his regular hosting of the WS Art Walk and various other arts and music events involvement. Great guy.

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