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    Our family will be needing infant childcare in early 2014. I know it’s a ways out from now, but we’re starting research very early to see what all the options are. Any recommendations and information, good or bad, personal experiences with infant childcare in West Seattle would be appreciated! We would be looking for somebody 3 days a week. Thanks in advance!

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    We will also be needing part time (3 days a week) infant care early 2014, or possibly even very late 2013. I am due this summer but one of us will be home until late 2013/early 2014. I have been researching various options and have not been very impressed so far. The few places I have found that seemed like a good possibility won’t even accept people on the waiting list. We are open to child care centers, a nanny, or nanny share. I am also very interested in hearing feedback about good/bad experiences.



    There have been a lot of recent posts here on this topic. I will try to bump some up for you both. Generally in w sea you are going to find that the larger centers don’t do part time. Or, you will have to pay full time and still send your kid three days. Not generally worth it financially. Also these places have a year plus wait. We use a great home daycare that is more flexible with us, but she also have a long wait list at this point – learning for life in gate wood/Olympic/sunset heights. Generally my opinion is if you want part time care and can find another family wanting the same, a nanny share makes st sense. Good luck!



    Any suggestions on Nanny sharing in the West Seattle area? Where and how do most people start about searching this idea? If anyone still has any recommendations for places that would take an infant part-time 3 days/week approximately without having to pay full week prices we’d love to hear!



    Unfortunately a lot of the old recommendations are out of date. I have contacted a few and some do not accept infants or are no longer accepting people on their waiting list. Do people get on waiting lists before they are even pregnant? It is kind of crazy. Lucie – A lot of people told me to try but I have not had any luck with that site. Perhaps you will have better luck.



    most wait lists for infants require “proof” of child on the way, either already pregnant or adoption in process, to get on the list



    We put our daughter on the infant wait list at mount St viincent’s when she was born. They called us with a spot 2 years later!!!



    I have also been looking for child care! We will need care in September for an infant and would be very interested in a nanny share.

    I joined the West Seattle Nanny network on facebook, but so far it’s been mostly people posting about availability for the occasional weeknight, sitting gigs. Maybe if more people joined it would be a better place to find care.



    My daughter (3yo) & my nephew (2 1/2yo), go to a fantastic in home daycare in Arbor Heights called Munchkin Toyland. I know she has openings for infants right now (& possible part time toddler spot too). I realize today’s openings don’t help too much for needing daycare in 2014 but she’s definitely worth the call. It’s a fantastic place & Nancy is the best! She has a perfect number of kids, a back yard anyone would want to play in, she’s been doing this for over 20 years & she’s affordable too! Her name is Nancy & her number is 206-932-7345. Here’s her craigslist ad that is posted right now:

    Tell her you heard about her from Jamie!!



    Maybe Care dot com?? Didn’t I see a WSB Sponsor not to long ago that specializes in Nanny’s??

    I knew I did! Ani’s Nannys!



    Thanks for the sponsor mention, bsmomma :) We appreciate all our sponsors (and the wider business community as well) but have a special spot in our hearts for Annie’s Nannies, as it was the well-reputed agency we turned to on the few occasions we needed child care in our son’s younger years (we were lucky to have one parent working at home, but if both of us had to be out, we had no relatives or friends who could sit, so …). They had no knowledge of that when they approached us about potential advertising but we fondly remember the folks who took care of our son now and then, and are pleased to be working with them again, albeit in a different way.

    Good luck to all with finding the right person/people!



    Fauntleroy Children’s Center has wonderful infant childcare!

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