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    That’s one of those moments in time for me that I will always remember where I was – I was working a swing shift then, and got in the car to head out for drinks with my work buddies after our shift was over that evening. I turned on the radio to hear the song “Imagine” and when the song was over the DJ began talking about Lennon in the past tense. I was so shocked and sad. Still am. And it’s still way too easy for crazy people to get guns.



    Love him. Was able to spend some time at Strawberry Fields a year ago. Was moving and chilling. And then Kenny G walked by :)



    “And then Kenny G walked by :)”…

    What a buzz-kill!



    “Nobody told me there’d be days like these,

    Strange days indeed, most peculiar, mama”

    “Well we all shine on

    Like the moon and the stars and the sun”

    “Life is what happens to you

    While you’re busy making other plans”

    “Love is the answer and you know that for sure

    Love is a flower you got to let it grow”



    My own story of Where were you when…..

    I believe it was around 7:00 pm, maybe 8:00, and it was a Monday.

    I was just getting ready to walk up to the Luck Toy, from my then apartment, about a block south.

    It was a regular Monday evening happening; meeting a friend of mine from a job I’d left six months previous, for a couple beers. A friend of hers/ours worked Mondays.

    I had just put my jacket on, and was just getting ready to turn the stereo off, which was on KJR 950 AM, then a Top-40 Station.

    The DJ, (I almost want to say that it was Marty Riemer—but in any case, locally known at the time) said something to the effect of:

    “…terrible news, if it’s true. John Lennon has been shot just outside of his apartment building in New York….”


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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