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    do you feel like i do?

    i know it’s a free market economy, and that real estate and rents are exorbitant here. and that everyone with property is looking to cash out and retire.

    all of that aside, we, as a community, are damned lucky to have a business like west seattle produce.

    (a nod to their neighbors, too. with a goodwill drop and a consignment store, it’s like the sustainability corner there at fauntleroy and alaska.)

    does anyone know who owns that land? is it still a huling?

    in my humble opinion, whoever owns that tract should invest in cultivating that vibe. maybe sexy it up a bit. maybe ask for volunteer planning and construction to give it a little more curb appeal. encourage arts, crafts, beer brewing, whatever. maybe go up with a couple floors of open loft businesses. maybe some rooftop gardening. outdoor spaces. evening wine tastings. chocuterie (sp?). baking. locally produced stuff. a destination. give whole foods some real competition.

    i think it would be smart business to keep and improve that vibe. we don’t need any more corporate retail.

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    redblack: you can find the property owner’s information at kingcounty.gov — he looks to be a very close by neighbor. There is an address where the property tax bill gets delivered, perhaps you’d like to drop him a note? I too love WS Produce, good quality stuff and great people running it.



    This is separate from whether West Seattle Produce is awesome or not, but just making sure you’re aware that the previous “corporate retail” proposal died last year and now there’s a new proposal for two apartment buildings. Some commercial. This proposal is much closer to what the site is zoned for than the CVS was, so it’s a lot less likely to fall through.

    WEST SEATTLE DEVELOPMENT: New proposal for 4722 Fauntleroy Way, site where CVS was canceled



    thanks for taking time to provide the link, TR. you are a wealth of information and a great resource.

    coincidentally enough, one of the construction sites i’m working on is in burien town center. legacy partners is building huge mixed-use projects there. as a developer, they seem to have a better feel than most for melding aesthetics and function. (although that isn’t saying much.)

    when i have time, i’ll search for more about the junction project, DPD public comment times, etc. if they care, the devolpers should know how the community feels about the existing tenants and what we think would provide value to their development.

    does anyone else feel strongly about having good businesses for neighbors? or are we all just laissez-faire folks who are willing to let developers dictate our neighborhoods’ characters?

    (or lack thereof…)



    I would love for West Seattle Produce to remain, but I am sure their good prices are due to the current property value. I love having them here, but in a new development the value of the property would rise and so would the rent. Unfortunately there are no other “vacant” lots in the ‘hood that are not slated for development are there?

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