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    Just thought I’d get that out there on the Blog before she writes a song about it.



    I’m only saying this b/c I have two degrees of separation from a good friend that spent time in Taylor’s presence on several occasions, and my friend confirms that she really is a sweet, genuine, thoughtful person. I don’t care for her music but it’s nice to hear that some famous people really are “normal”. Plus the girl is a marketing genius…NPR did a story about Taylor Swift’s latest album sales and she knows how to sell a CD in the age of digital music. And at least she has a creative outlet for her heart break that can make her millions of dollars a year…I just go exercise.



    I like country music, but don’t often listen to it. But I have to say that I’m very impressed with Taylor’s humanitarian type stuff.

    A few years back, when the Grand Ole Opry was damaged by flooding, it seemed as if she was one of the first, if not the first, to step up and offer financial assistance to rebuild.

    I found that extremely impressive, coming from such a young person, and (I think) fairly new to the business.

    Now, I know that some of the country music old timers, whose success was probably achieved in big part by the Opry, did step up, but my perception was that Taylor was about the only one stepping up, at the time I first heard of her doing so.




    I’ve never heard Taylor Swift’s music, to my knowledge, so I have no idea what this thread is about.

    She seems like a nice girl.



    Yes she’s overplayed, but as a person, we could all learn something from her. Google her and take a look at her generosity over this past holiday season.

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