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    Several of my neighbors and I have discovered that our yard signs supporting Referendum 74 have been stolen. These low-life bigot-thieves trespassed on our properties to steal them. How absolutely STUPID that they think stealing our signs will somehow influence anyone. IT WILL NOT CHANGE OUR VOTE OR OUR SUPPORT FOR MARRIAGE EQUALITY FOR ALL PEOPLE.



    Personally I am against stealing or defacing your or anyone’s signs. Doesn’t matter if I agree with the issue or candidate or not. I seriously doubt a yard sign influences anyone all they do is create a mess after the election




    i notice yard signs…

    lately i have been observing a surprising correlation between architecture, yard design and political preferences as expressed by yard signs..

    as for stealing yard signs and other illegal electioneering…

    i would like to point out that anyone who thinks playing unfairly is the way to win an election obviously has little confidence in the strength of their position…



    A yard sign ONLY tells me who/what they are voting for. It’s no ones business how I vote, therefore no mess/theft



    Don’t get me wrong I notice them but they have never charged my mind or helped me make my decision



    @katman…You can consider it no ones business but your own (how you vote). Personally, I want people to know where I stand on civil rights (and plenty of other issues). Its not just trying to convince others. Its exercising your own freedom of speech. Those who steal signs also take away from that which makes this nation great.



    On maybe somewhat bright side maybe they stole it for their own yard! That’s what I’ll think to keep from losing faith in humanity.




    i didn’t think of that..

    here i was wondering how to get myself some of those signs to put in my yard where the dogs will protect them….

    but.. if i asked instead of stealing them, do you think those with two would share?



    I removed a sign from a traffic island at the top of a hill near my house last week. (It wasn’t an R-74 sign, not that that would’ve mattered.)

    I think it is illegal to put signs on those islands, but whether it’s illegal or not, in this case the sign was blocking drivers’ view of the DOT signage, so I pulled it for safety reasons. Same for garage sale / lost pet signs or whatever. When people put those too close to traffic signs in my ‘hood, I just take ’em right down. Sue me.

    In other news . . . I must say that I was VERY tempted to pull some signs AGAINST the last bag ban initiative several years ago. I wouldn’t have pulled any signs from people’s yards, but most of the anti-bag ban signs weren’t in people’s yards anyway; they were on public property. What does that tell you?

    >>Those who steal signs also take away from that which makes this nation great. —EdSane

    –Perhaps. But in the case of the anti-bag ban signs, I wouldn’t have felt too guilty for pulling them. Those signs were paid for by the plastic bag industry, which outspent the pro-ban people by a large factor. This wasn’t your typical case of JQ Public exercising his 1st Amendment rights. This was out-of-state money that was being used to buy an election. Is out-of-state corporate money part of what makes this nation great? I think not.

    After the bag ban went down to defeat, I regretted my decision not to pull those signs. I promised myself that if the issue came up again I would correct my error. Fortunately, the city council saved me the trouble.



    DBP…you know I love you. I also know you are an animal lover.

    A lot of lost pets are returned to their home because of those signs. A lot. If these signs are posted in your neighborhood it’s because the pet is your neighbor and needs you help.



    Another thing about yard signs is that they’re wasteful. And garish.





    funks, I don’t take lost pet signs down from utility poles. But if someone puts one up on a stop sign, that’s really going too far. It’s dangerous and it sets a bad precedent.

    Do you want drivers to see the stop sign or the chihuahua?





    Ha! Thanks, Ed.

    Yeah, clips like that prove that you can be (somewhat) intelligent and still be wrong. In Romney’s defense, I think he did at least as good a job at explaining “corporations are people” as the Supreme Court did. And they’re the ones who said it first.

    The difficulty with this question lies in the fact that corporations do resemble people in some ways.

    ► They can has “interests” like people.

    ► They can has money like people.

    ► They can has lawyers like people.

    Of course, being like something isn’t the same thing as being it.



    Some defaced all the signs supporting republicans coming up the admiral hill from the WSB too. It’s unfortunate. People should be able to express there opinions without having to worry about that crap.

    Sorry someone stole your signs. Maybe…they took the signs to put in their yards because they couldn’t afford them. At least then they would still be getting use.



    Well, DPB, all I’m gonna say, is with that attitude……




    DBP….you never know, people may actually be more likely to stop (at a stop sign), if the see a cute dog face. ;0)

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