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    Well…for lots of good reasons…We traded in an awesome Nissan 4×4 for the “World Car”…the 100% (thats right…100%) Electric Nissan LEAF…

    Just got it yesterday…already super excited!

    Lots of very cool features…too many really to list…basics:

    About 75 miles on a full charge. Some days I’ll get more..some days less depending on several key driving factors and time of year.

    My estimated fuel savings is $200 per month – Net the cost of charging – $165 savings monthly!

    Its a lease, so ALL major components are all warranty items. Just rotate the tires and check the computer every 7500 miles.

    All the techie gadgets you need and lots more you likely don’t…but super Safe too!

    Family of (5) fits fine…again…if I want to go for a family trip farther away…park it and get a free rental…

    Ride in HOV Lane as a soloist!

    It is a bit of an daily adjustment (I won’t say hassle yet) to realize you need a plan to Charge daily (at home or on the growing amount of available EV stations). Most of the charges are free still and should be for some time. Only the Level 3 fast charges cost. If you view charging the same as your cell phone…you just get used to it!

    The “range anxiety” is minimal so far…and if you go to the dealer I used…you get (22) days per year of FREE gas vehicles for longer trips or whatever need. Plenty of options there.

    I will miss the 4×4…but honestly..even after just one day…not that much.

    Goodbye gas stations…see you around town.

    *Yes…I still have another gas vehicle…so I’m not totally a greenie ;)




    Congrats!! You also don’t need to get an oil change anymore. That’s another time and expense hassle you won’t have to worry about.

    Since we drive so little (gas bill $65/mo at $4/gal)an electric car isn’t a great option for us. But if we had a longer commute it would be economically viable since the gas savings would offset the higher purchase price.

    Enjoy your new car!



    i hadn’t thought of leasing



    If you can secure a very low interest rate and a car with good resale value leasing is a bad deal now.

    I would like an electric car for my work commute, if they come down in price then I might consider one.




    You can take $7500 off the price right away with the government incentive. Plus Nissan has ever changing incentives on top. I had over $9K of incentives to do this with or the deal is not done.

    For this new technology, lease was attractive, as the battery decline & eventual replacement process is still being discovered. In the short term lease I have, I will not have to experience this as I am fully under warranty.



    365Stairs, thanks for the info – I can’t wait to get an electric car! Great to hear about the free gas rental option for the limited times we would need to go farther. However, I don’t think the solo in the HOV lane perk applies in Washington… just wanted to point it out so you don’t get a ticket :)



    I’m jealous!

    Just waiting for the price to come down a bit. Also, I don’t have a garage, really, so my charging station would have to be in my driveway. Little bit awkward. I’m sure my next vehicle will be electric, but have a few years left to wait for the price to drop.

    I’m generally against lease was well, but understand completely. Never by the “A” model of anything.



    mannamc…thanks for that link! I called to clarify and will hopefully get any distinction made for hybrid vs. electric if there is such by the state view.

    Edit – DOT called back. Yep..for sure…DO NOT DRIVE as a single in these…yet. I was misinformed and in turn…mislead you folks.

    I have also forwarded this information to the dealer that added that as an incentive – to stop touting this.

    Spodie…you don’t necessarily need a garage to charge. There are literally thousands of public stations not covered. Even in rain – this is fine.

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