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    I hope this doesn’t get busted as stealth advertising, but Full Tilt Ice Cream is on the move again. I think this is relevant because it shows how you can make it big and still stay local.

    It’s also a good way to start a juicy rumor that Full Tilt might be thinking about doing burgers.

    Here’s an excerpt from a press release:

    Seattle ice cream impresario Justin Cline is taking the Full Tilt franchise to a new level. On March 1st, Justin will be teaming up with entrepreneur Gorman Eng to open Highscore Burgers in Redmond, Washington. Highscore takes everything that made Full Tilt famous – ice-cream, pinball, culture – and rounds the menu out with a selection of classic burgers.

    Not just any burgers either. Every Highscore hamburger will be made with local, healthy ingredients. The beef will be locally sourced and grass fed. Buns will be baked locally, and sauces and other toppings will all be house made. Even the french fries are going to come from potatoes grown here in Washington!

    After dinner, there will be plenty of legendary Full Tilt ice cream flavors to choose from for dessert. And of course there will be plenty of pinball and vintage arcade games.

    Come in on opening day and bring the kids. On March 1st we’ll be giving free kids’ scoop of Full Tilt ice cream to all kids under 12!

    Highscore Burgers

    8440 160th Ave NE

    Redmond, Washington

    Phone (206) 963-5039

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HighscoreBurgers?ref=nf



    Redmond…a bit far to go…but…for now..a visit to Zippy’s and then FT might just do the trick :)



    i was thinking the same thing



    Sweet, only about a mile from my office. I see some lunchtime walks in my future.

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