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    Green Guy

    Happy Holidays West Seattle! Green Guys Recycling is ready to help clear the clutter! We offer fast & free removal of your old, broken or unwanted electronics, appliances’ & scrap metal. This includes, but is not limited to:

    -Computer Towers (Sorry. $2.50 fee for monitors)


    -Cell Phones

    -DVD & VHS Players

    -Servers & Telecom

    -Wires, Cords & Chargers

    -Washers & Dryers



    -Dish Washers

    -Desks & File Cabnits

    -Bikes & Scooters

    -Exercise Equipment

    -Vehicles, Parts & Batteries

    -Medical Equipment

    -Lawn Mowers

    Basically, if it has any metal or wires we’ll take it off your hands free of charge!

    If your interested in our service please contact us via e-mail or add us onFacebook and leave a message!

    Support your local Honest Recycler!



    once you strip off the metal for recycling, what do you do with the actual electronics – the stuff with the mercury or cadmium or whatever other poisons are in them?

    those things are toxic and they cost money to dispose of, which is why most places charge at least a modest fee.

    i’m sure people are definitely interested in free pickup, because no one does that around here. but we’re also interested in making sure that the toxic stuff doesn’t hit the landfills. or get burned in china.



    I know I am interested in what happens to the non-metal (sellable) parts after they are harvested…

    Let’s see if GreenGuysSeattle responds…


    Green Guy

    Thanks for the interest & concern.

    As far as the computer & electronics go, I carefully take them apart. I remove the circuit boards witch contain most the of hazardous materials you speak of. Circuit boards contain small amounts of precious metals, and thanks to the high prices these days there is a market for large quantity’s of these boards. I ship them to an out-of-state refinery that has a zero-landfil guarantee. They state:

    Your metals will be recovered using state-of-the-art precious metal reclamation technologies. These technologies not only maximize the precious metals recovery, they also prevent your recyclables from entering the waste stream!

    As far as TV’s % monitors go, I know people need them gone so I do charge a small fee. I don’t take them apart due to the risk of releasing hazardous materials. I deliver them to a local non-profit to dispose of via WA State E-Cycle.

    I guarantee anyone who uses my service can be rest assured any material I receive will be properly disposed of in the most eco-friendy way.

    The only things I receive that may go to another country is the bikes % scooters I get. They go to Africa for kids & adults that need them.

    Any additional questions?




    Wait. Circuit boards go out of state but the only things going out of county are bikes and scooters?

    I am confused.




    I’m guessing he missed an ‘r’ and meant to write the only things that go out of country …..


    Green Guy

    ^you are correct



    Green Guy,

    We are starting a remodel of our kitchen and have an oven, microwave, 30″ electric cooktop and a trash compactor. You are welcome to any and all of them but they need to go in the next 4 days.

    You can reach me at



    Green Guy

    You got mail!



    Hey folks, I contacted the Green Guy to come and pick up a few items. Responded quickly, came on time, took the stuff as described and was on his merry way in nothing flat. No muss, no fuss.

    I can’t speak for what happens to the materials afterward (see his description above) but if his friendliness and attitude are any indication, this could be a good solution for you. It was for me.

    Good luck and happy new year.


    Green Guy

    ^Thanks for the words!



    green guy contact me

    plz and thanks


    Green Guy

    You got mail TJB!



    A big thanks to David for helping me clear out lots of unused items. I appreciate the prompt and courteous service and the chance to easily recycle and repurpose them. See you next time!


    Green Guy

    New Number! 206.941.8299


    Green Guy

    Thanks to everyone that has been using my service! You guys are great.


    Green Guy

    Common question: “Do you guys except copy machines, printers, phones, fax machines and ink and toner cartridges”?

    Answer: Yes we do!



    what about large tv’s ?


    Green Guy

    Good question. I do take small & medium TV’s for free if there is at least some other recyclable material I’m picking up along with it. Like a computer or appliance. Also it must be easy to access. Larger TV’s are a little harder so I do charge $5-10 unless there is a considerable amount of other recyclable materials. If all you have is a TV I must charge $5-10 because I make no profit from working or non-working TV’s. I just donate them to a local non-profit. The money covers gas.




    David came out to our house this weekend. He was right on time and picked all our unwanted scrap metal. He was very courteous and we would

    definitely recommend him to others.


    Green Guy

    Spring cleaning time is around the corner. Keep my service in mind for your recycling needs!



    Janet wants to send a big thanks to Dave from Green Guys for coming to pick up her old computer gear for recycling the same day she called. Will definitely use Green Guys again!



    Do you take vacuum cleaners, and tower air cleaners?


    Green Guy


    Many thanks to the guys at Green Guys Recycling for swinging by my place and taking several old PCs and big box of cables and electronics off my hands. Very nice guys, and were able to come by at a time that was convenient for me.

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