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    2 (unrelated) items found.

    radio faceplate found near 37th & Austin over a week ago(thought I could locate the owner, but no luck!)Yours? give specifics to claim.(brand/model?)

    disabled parking pass found on 35th last weekend…anyone know who to turn it in to?

    email to webshaf@yahoo(dot)com with appropriate subject line!



    The parking placards come from the Department of Licensing, so you can probably call them at (360) 902-3770 or drop it off at one of the offices: Each pass has a # on it, so they’ll know who it belongs to.

    If someone does contact you to say it might be theirs, when the placards are issued you also get an ID card proving that it’s yours. So make sure you get a match on that card. Mine has my name, date of birth, expiration date of the placards, and the ID #s on both of my placards, so along with my license to prove that the name/DOB are me, I’d be able to prove whether it’s mine or not. (It’s not mine, by the way – both of mine are accounted for – just letting you know how to ID it in case somebody contacts you.)



    The Disabled Parking Permit can be dropped off at West Seattle Licenses, 5048 California Ave S.W.,(across from RiteAid),, they issue the permits and ID cards. ph.206-938-3111



    Thanks for the info on where to turn in the disabled parking permit! And the tips on making sure it wasn’t given to someone who it didn’t belong to. I’ll turn it in tomorrow on my day off!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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