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    I just purchased a used Honda and am pondering getting an extended warranty (factory warranty recently expired). Any leads on good pricing – through local dealers or other sources?



    Those can be tricky read fine print very carefully. IF Honda offers one I would lean towards that. In general Honda’s do well mechanically. If you are easy on your ride, I would assume all would be just fine.

    I bought one of the plans and got mislead.




    When we bought our used Honda we got the hard pressure sell for the extended warranty from the dealer. I am so glad we did not bother with that. It is better to set aside a little money into a car repair slush fund on your own than pay for an extended warranty. Just my two cents, but it is very expensive and often the coverage is quite limited. We’ve had our Honda for almost 3 years now and have spent very little on maintenance that would not have been covered by the warranty anyway. It has been very reliable much like all the Honda’s we’ve ever owned.



    per consumer reports magazine extended warranties are a bad choice. you are better off setting aside the money you pay for the warranty in a bank account! see kayo comment above

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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