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    This article was recently published on Seattle Times:

    I am frustrated because all it talks about is the time saved/wasted for motorist and riders, nothing about the dangerous conditions they are putting everyone in. I am writing this letter to specifically talk about one intersection that was never mentioned (mainly because it doesn’t actually have a bus bulb) but still a similar dangerous situation. It is the Delridge and Genesee intersection. The “road diet” has pushed people travelling south on Delridge into oncoming traffic just after the intersection. When there is a bus at the stop by the skate park (which is often at rush hour), motorists go around the bus by going into the left hand turn lane for northbound motorists turning left onto Genesee. They obviously don’t need to pass the bus but motorists have not adjusted. Also, due to the fact the bus stop is right after the intersection, a car right behind the bus is actually still in the intersection unless they had enough foresight to stop before the intersection, knowing the bus is about to stop, and that is rarely the case. They end up going around and the people behind follow, even with oncoming traffic headed right towards them.

    People are confused and I am surprised there hasn’t been an accident. I make the left off SB Delridge on Genesee all of the time as it my main route to both Alaska and Admiral Junctions. I get very nervous going into that left turn lane when there is a bus there and everyone starts coming into the same lane I need to be in. I end up half in the turn lane, half in the main lane to avoid accidents.

    From the article it sounds like Seattle is just “waiting for people to adjust”. Is this really the right solution? Maybe moving the stop up or adding signage would actually fix a dangerous situation instead of rely on motorists to adjust. Other ideas? Are motorists going to adjust? And if they do, what happens to the already very congested Delridge?

    EDIT: Also, what about bikers? This road diet was suppose to help them too but I see them having less room now.



    Fauntleroy and California has them going both ways and it is an absolute nightmare as well. You pose many questions that I have also been curious about.


    I totally agree with your thoughts and concerns. I live on Delridge and used to take the West Seattle Bridge home, but usually choose a different route because Delridge can be backed up all the way to the bridge at times due to the congestion from the recent metro changes. I also have had numerous close call in the left hand lane heading towards Genesee. Some of those close calls have been from cars heading straight, but some have been from cars turning right onto Delridge from Genesee.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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