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    Just got my latest Seattle “Best of 2012” Magazine and was so excited to see Tracy Record honored under the West Seattle “Neighborhood Hero” category! Aside from her great journalistic and editorial skills, I think the true “heart” that she brings to the West Seattle Blog is what makes her so special. Okay….it’s your turn to give cudos to Tracy……



    So very true, Rags! Tracy Record is MY neighborhood hero and, I can only imagine, a hero to countless others, as well. Tracy, you are a blessing!



    Congrats, Tracy!




    Congratulations. Well deserved!



    Awe that is so cool! Congratulations Tracy.



    Gosh, thanks for mentioning this, had NO idea, they didn’t contact us at all and all of my reading is online (they don’t put the magazine content online till it’s been out “on newsstands” for a few weeks). I don’t know what they wrote but I hope it doesn’t suggest WSB is mostly just me. For one, co-publisher Patrick Sand also works on it day and night. And we have part-time/freelance team members.

    BUT… MOST IMPORTANTLY … it’s the community collaboration. Without that … the whole reason this took a turn from my personal ramblings to news service, starting with the windstorm six years ago and then becoming official a year later … this wouldn’t be much of anything. And the community collaboration happens in so many ways … including here! (Just wish the spammers wouldn’t have decided to “collaborate” so much yesterday while a busy news day was unfolding :) …)

    Sorry I can’t be more eloquent, I’ve got to get onto the bridge and go cover a court hearing.

    Thanks again for the kind words and for mentioning this … and for being part of a truly 21st-century news/discussion hub.



    star 55

    Can’t start my day without you, can’t end my day without you. Thanks for all you do!!!



    To honor the occasion the kid and I’ll be getting her a sports replica jersey. I saw those mentioned online several times yesterday.



    Patrick, too funny – maybe throw in some uggs as well! Congrats Tracy!!!



    Tracy is clearly a great choice. Your work goes way beyond the call of duty. Night and day, every day, I’ve come to expect the most up-to-date and comprehensive coverage from the blog. And incredibly, you honestly cover everything without bias. NPR, The NY Times, and the West Seattle Blog – just the news, all the news. Congratulations.



    Congratulations, so well deserved. We are lucky to have this site backed by Tracy’s journalistic integrity and dedication. I totally nerded out on Tracy at an event a few years ago, because I was fresh out of J-school and already jaded about the news business. I basically explained that the WSB is the answer to all my professors questions about what the industry would look like after the so-called “death of newspapers” and growing pains the news business faced.

    I fell in love with the smell of newsprint and journalism as a kid delivering newspapers, and I can imagine that someday my kids will fall in love with journalism and the exciting business of covering the news through the WSB’s non-stop coverage of all our neighborhood’s happenings.

    Tracy, you make such a difference in this community and you are so inspiring. Thank you!



    We owe so much of our success to WSB and WSB readers, and Tracy, Patrick and the rest of he gang are just lovely, kind, and fun folks to have around. Thanks! Oh wait! What’s that helicopter doing over my house???



    kudos to the WSB team



    Congrats guys! You all deserve it.

    Anyone else go a little fan-girl when they know the WSB-crew is in their midst? I still have yet to work up the nerve to say hi.



    No nerve needed, Debbie!

    Tracy and Patrick are very approachable. (Although a community event like the tree lighting, or before/after a neighborhood meeting, would probably be a better place to do so, rather than on the scene of a major news event!)




    Congrats, Tracy and Patrick!



    Well-deserved accolades to the WSB team for sure!!! you guys add so much value to the community, and in so many ways. Congrats!!



    Congrats all! And we knew you when :-)



    Congratulations to the WSB team! As has been said before, I start and end my day with you! Anytime anything unusual is going on in WS both my husband and I head to your site immediately. Well deserved kudos, this community truly wouldn’t be as much of a community without you! :)



    Huge congratulations! A neverending, oft-thankless job that you do with such dedication, expertise, and professionalism.



    Congrats Tracy, we are so grateful for this blog! Thank you for your dedication and commitment to keeping us informed!!!



    With apologies to Clement Moore…

    ‘Twas shortly before Christmas, when all thro’ the ‘hood,

    Not a creature was stirring, not that they should;

    Tracy was in her ‘kerchief, and Patrick in his cap,

    They’d shut down their laptops for a typically short evening nap

    When over on the Duwamish there arose such a hum,

    ‘Twas all they could do to shake off the sleepless numb.

    Awake once again as the tweets flew like a flash,

    Rebooted Windows and threw up the sash.

    No matter what, no matter when, it was time to go,

    West Seattleites needed them – to stay in the know.

    So they whistled, and shouted, and call’d out by name:

    “Now Jefferson, now Madison, now Arbor Heights and Denny,

    “On Alki, on Chief Sealth, on Gatewood, and Genessee;

    “From the tip of Alki to the top of the Myrtle towers

    “Now text away! Text away! Text away all!”

    While once an ancient city burned (unreported) under a fiddler named Nero,

    There is no doubt about OUR neighborhood hero

    With journalistic integrity, high standards, and ethics proved true,

    Assisted by a sleigh full of helpers – and CJ Boffoli too.

    And then in a twinkling, we saw on the forum

    That Seattle Magazine had indeed announced with decorum

    On behalf of West Seattle and all its elves

    Tracy and West Seattle Blog were among the Best of Two Thousand Twelve!

    Our eyes – how they twinkled! Our dimples how merry,

    We know they’re as dependable as the Fauntleroy Ferry;

    Not ones to bask in glowing words, they went straight back to work,

    But after news fill’d all the stockings; it was time for a perk,

    A sidetrip to Sponsor Zippy’s for a bit of a nosh

    Then off to see the light shows at Helmstetler and Menashe.

    Finally it was time to spring to their sleigh, give their team a whistle,

    And head back to world headquarters, on the corner at Thistle.

    But we heard them exclaim, ‘ere they drove out of sight

    Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

    Congrats Tracy and crew! Thanks for being our everyday Santa…



    Too Too good…

    except more reliable than the Fauntleroy Ferry. No work stoppage (alleged) round here!



    Pibal, that is great!



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